[DRAFT] SIP-00XX Niftify Token Sale

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Note: Due to legal reasons, our vision and focus on mass adoption and our goal to become a market leader, as well as the fact that we already started sorting documents that will allow us to operate within the U.S. market, all token sale participants will have to complete the KYC process, which can be found here . We also concluded to avoid listing NIFT on unregulated exchanges.

Will NIFT not be listed in Sovryn, as it is unregulated?

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Agree with @Wilder here. I think we should support the listing.

While KYC may not be desirable, I don’t think by allowing them to list, we are endorsing KYC.
I think we need to keep the end goal in mind.
Every listing does not need to agree with 100% of Sovryn’s ethos to list. We’re not destined for ‘world domination’ if that’s the case.
I would rather expand the universe and let the market decide whether it values the project, post-sale.

IMO, we should be looking to protect the platform from shady projects and rugpulls, but outside of that, let’s grow this thing.

  1. We can certainly look to incorporate a SOV staking requirement to be able to participate in the NIFT token sale to bring additional value/exclusive access to the SOV community that way. To @Sacro’s point/question, this could come in the form of Day 1 participation being available exclusively to people staking over a certain threshold of SOV over a certain period of time, with Day 2 being open either to anyone or to those with lower amounts of SOV staked/who have staked for a shorter period of time. Open to suggestions here/this part is not finalized. I’ve been working/speaking with Sovryn contributor @Ingalandia about this and the Origins sale overall.

I’d submit that an individual’s maximum “Day 1” sale allowance (out of the total NIFT allocation for that purpose) be directly proportionate to their actively staked voting power with any tokens unclaimed thereafter carrying forward to “Day 2”'s allocation, which can then be a no-holds-barred rBTC free-fire zone in the vein of last month’s FISH launch (albeit hopefully, better-communicated as such).

In my view, staking thresholds are ultimately unbefitting a 21st-century protocol such as Sovryn aspires to be and judging from the aftermath of the FISH token-sale—which was technically a level playing-field(!)—will only breed still-greater resentment among those left out in the cold because 9.999 SOV was all that the eggtimer-quicksand of their after tax fiat pay-packet could afford them.

No staker left behind.


Hey @lactarius - NIFT will 100% be listed on Sovryn/we will work with the Sovryn team to have them set up a pool after the sale. Beyond that (at least at this point in time), we do not plan to formally open up or support Ethereum-based DEX markets (e.g. Uniswap, etc.) and will instead focus on a CEX listing strategy beyond the Sovryn DAMM.

Naturally, we have no way of controlling if tokens end up on Uniswap or other DEXs once tokens are in circulation, and will instead be putting our efforts into maintaining CEX (and the Sovryn) markets. Hope that helps!


I will vote for the sale on Sovryn platform but due to the need for KYC I will not participate in the sale.

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I like what I’m reading, and see the added value for Sovryns. Would like to also affirm: No staker left behind.

Best of luck Roman. You have a big team to work with, hope you can make the most of it.


Hey all! We will be joining the Sovryn community call on the Sovryn Discord today with @Ingalandia at 4 pm GMT. Joining from the Niftify team will be myself along with Co-founder & CEO Bruno Ver, and CTO Jan Vidic. This will an open opportunity to ask questions, meet the team, and learn more about our vision for Niftify and NFTs on Sovryn.

Would be great for some of you to join! @Martin_Adriaan, @Abbot, @Sacro, @Wilder, @Profesh, @exiledsurfer, @magicmike

Thanks @Jonezee! We will do our best to ensure no staker is left behind. Hope to see you on the community call today!

Was out celebrating my birthday, I’m sad to say! But look forward to the video recording :slight_smile: