If spending money on ADs, please use this guy

First post, please bear with me:

if some day Sovryn decide to spend $30k+ on high production value short-films intro ads for Sovryn,
please consider using this guy (Joma Tech) please

He has previously done some ads for solana, ape, current, NordVPN and logitech

This guy is imo, mensa member and funny as hell, and he knows the inner workings of the crypto scene and makes jokes about it.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV0qA-eDDICsRR9rPcnG7tw

His lastest DeFi movie cracked me up: if Wolf of Wall Street were about crypto - YouTube


@RSKNOR - you connected with him?

not at all, just found him on youtube

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