NFT Idea - For Someone Else

I am not traditionally an NFT guy, but I’ve had an idea lingering in my head for a while. Figure I’d post it and see if it resonates with anyone:

I think it’d be amazing to create an NFT line that documents monetary history across all civilizations. Would call it: Sovryn Individuals

I was inspired while looking for an artist to create a profile pic (so I can finally rid myself of the Discord default) and I saw this kid below from Bajau Kid by FF69 on DeviantArt. He reminded me of Nick Szabo’s Shelling Out Piece where he describes Native Americans who wore necklaces of wampum (seashells) or woven into belts or other mnemonic and ceremonial devices to demonstrate wealth and commitment of a tribe to a treaty.*. And yes I acknowledged that’s not what this photo is but it reminded me of it:

For a fleeting moment, this photo honestly had a subtle yet profound impact on me. It’s like, this is the freaking revolution. A sovereign individual whose value and production is being betrayed by the means they store their value in. It’s the same story that resonates so true with billions of people throughout thousands of years and countless civilizations. I think these stories have been told a lot in Bitcoin circles, but it would be amazing to portray them in a visually inspiring aesthetic…

So much of NFT’s is about a story. But frankly, there is no greater story and lore for me personally than that of monetary history. The reason a lot of us love Bitcoin is the connection we feel to it.

I envision the NFT line having some of these features:

  • Individuals representing the whole spectrum of history, races and civilizations that have been impacted by bad money.
  • Facial feature that would show a hardened stoicism; representing an endurance of pain or hardship without the overtly display of feelings or complaint. Just individuals who have been hardened by their circumstances but trudge forward regardless.
  • Some dope orange eyes popping through on each character representing the shared sovereignty and mission that existed across time and space bonding all these individuals.
  • Each character clenching their monetary demise somehow. Like holding sea-shells in their hand trying to crush it; or aggry beads, or debased coinage, or tobacco, or salt, or war IOU’s, etc.

I think it’s a dope reminder of why we’re all here and the history we should be honoring.

Anyways, just spit balling ideas. Maybe others have thoughts.