SIP-0024: Liquid SOV Incentive Rewards for Staking By Choice

Your analytical thinking skills are clearly better than mine. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Point conceded.

Also, @exiledsurfer was the first point of the motivation addressed within this proposal?

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I am happy this proposal is being brought up. In my opinion Sip21 needs to be revised and add retroactive rewards for last 3 months for sov stakers. I was someone who staked last 90 days and missed out big on all the different liquidity farming. I would have around 7k usd more in sov if i had not staked and instead added liquidity. The whole time im kicking myself debating if i should unstake and take the 30% fee. Again 30%slashing fee becuase I added stake for over 2 years. Im reading this has already been brought up on this thread, the only reason I see why Sovryn might not want to are further dilution concerns. However I think a good compromise is to have retro active reward be fully vested for 1 year. (or some other form of vested is fine)

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This proposal is great and thanks for those who pushed it forward based on community discussion. I will be voting to approve with this proposal, pending any new information.

But I do have a selfish curiosity, @exiledsurfer why were you against (or rather what is the argument against providing a retro-active drop?


Yes, this incentive program rewards Stakers on a biweekly basis with LIQUID SOV, not 10 month Vested SOV, as is the case with Liquidity Mining rewards, if you read the technical implementation details:

This was a key part of my argumentation while debating this internally - that Stakers should be rewarded with liquid SOV for the “instant gratification hit” (bi-weekly in this program) that the platform lacks, and which competitor tokens / platforms offer.

The logic is the following:

-liquidity mining rewards are 10 month vested sov which prevents immediate earn / dump behavior, and incentivizes long term thinking / investment in the platform / protocol, and

-staking rewards are liquid sov to compensate for the lockup of capital, foregoing the higher liquidity mining rewards (currently around 100% APR)

This enables Stakers to “take profits” on a biweekly basis by selling into the market if they like, or using that SOV to earn Liquidity Mining rewards, or, to turn around and Stake the earned SOV, and compound their earnings even further.


Very simple: I don’t want to set a precedent that Stakers can retroactively give themselves money by voting.

We, as stewards, recognized that the incentives were out of balance, and want to correct that moving FORWARD from this point in time, as well as to incentivize NEW stakers, who are satisfied with a low-time-preference earning scale of 30% APR when staking for three years as opposed to the higher APR’s offered for Liquidity Mining rewards - again with the benefit of receiving liquid SOV for Staking as opposed to Vested SOV for LM.

Keep in mind that ALL Stakers By Choice will be receiving rewards during this program; they just won’t earn them for the period between when the program starts, and when they originally staked, they’ll only be receiving them on a bi-weekly basis from the point in time forward from when the program starts.


Hmmm…I hate when rational points work against my self-interest.

Thanks for the clarification.


@exiledsurfer that makes perfect sense. Thanks for breaking it down OG

Great discussion. This proposal makes a lot of sense. Thanks to everyone who worked tirelessly to prepare it.

It seems that making the tokenomics really work is going to be a multi-step process. This is an excellent first step. Well done.

When can we expect to take a vote?

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At the end of the day, 30% is a great offer. Committee also could have proposed less and therefore, the last three months shouldn’t be an issue and especially not in the light of “giving yourself money retroactively”. Congrats to all involved.

You neeed to consider the difference between
a) staking for 3 years to gain higher rewards with the intent to unstake early, and
b) staking for the shorter period from the beginning.

Let’s take your example. Someone stakes for 3 years to get 30% APR, then unstakes after 1 year. So, he made approx. 3% that year. If, however, you would have staked for 1 year from the beginning, you would have made 10% that year.

Therefore, there shouldn’t be an economical incentive for staking longer just to receive a higher APR.


Thanks, Ororo :slightly_smiling_face: . Yeah, I obviously missed the other component, i.e. opportunity cost :man_facepalming:, like @magicmike also explained.

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This is a solid solution. Those of us who staked a huge bunch of SOV on the first day still have some minor wounds to lick, but the argument about precedent is very fair. A forward-looking mentality is the right approach.

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Looks like a good proposal to me, fair and balanced.

Thanks to the team for pulling the SIP together and addressing the voluntary stakers concerns.

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Very much in favour of this; and should it come to pass, will be happy to stake the entirety of my earned liquidity (40+ SOV) for the maximum possible duration after unlocking.

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Great move toward much more staking reward, but it looks to me still LP (any pair) gives more SOV reward than staking

I may be wrong but currently stakers get a portion of the fees earned from trading on the platform. Does this include a portion of fees earned from swaps? If no, I thought that was one thing that was discussed and what is currently done with those fees?

I believe that is something in the works, but has not yet been implemented. The code is being investigated for updating and simultaneously discussing amounts and percentages. I think SushiSwap model was referenced as something like .05% fee to stakeholders and the remaining 0.25% to LP’s.

Don’t think anything is finalized yet.


Editor’s note: The title and body of the OP have been updated with the correct SIP number, previously was noted as SIP-0021 and updated to the correct SIP-0024.

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Good point!

Beside temporary incentives, I’d also love to setup a clear path going forward with swapping fees in this SIP.

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