SIP-0056: Deprecating the MYNT Token

The MYNT snapshot vote on MIP-0001 has completed, the resolution is:

FOR: 31,313.02 MYNT
AGAINST: 1,475,299.79 MYNT

Therefore the proposal is REJECTED by voters

Editorial comment:

Only one of the voters chose to add a comment to their vote. This voter was the largest voter with ~1.3 million MYNT, who voted “AGAINST” on the proposal. Their comment says:

Close the curve of mynt, set a fixed value for the total amount of mynt, and then distribute some tokens to the mynt team currently working

It is worth noting that this comment indicates a supportive position on the proposal at hand, with the only exception being to “distribute some tokens to the mynt team currently working”, which was not part of the proposal. This voter may have misunderstood some important context regarding the proposal: there is no “mynt team” anymore. All independent devs that were working on Mynt have resigned, as indicated by Yago is his first post on this thread:

If the voter wishes to speak out further on this forum, additional clarity regarding their position and what their wishes/expectations are may be helpful for the SOV stakers now voting on SIP-0056 to make a final decision about the future of MYNT.

Has their been any more information on SIP-0056: Sunsetting of the MYNT token?

It was mentioned on the 3rd of March their would a communication plan, however did not say where this would be?

Extract from: SIPS/ at 59dca4fd4effcd308288114111df389cbaa824ee · DistributedCollective/SIPS · GitHub

“Communication Plan: A clear and concise communication plan will be put in place to ensure that all MYNT token holders and other stakeholders are kept informed of the progress of the deprecation process.”

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It’s kind of sad, I guess.

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