SIP-00XX The 3 Critical Price Impacting Changes Requested By The Community

My two cents:

A. Tokenomics.
I support DMan’s general idea that something needs to be done about it. (It is either lower supply, or increase utility of SOV; the increase in supply is so high that utility can never keep up – any investor can see this).

I don’t support the particular proposals by DMan, however. It would seriously harm the ability to grow the dev team, if team tokens are locked up for 10 years. Dev team is everything. Also, liquidity providers need juicy rewards in return of providing liquidity; stakers need to be rewarded in return for securing things, governing, and so on. Just locking stuff up, or burning, doesn’t work.

I think the better option is to severely slow down the emission schedule. In fact I would be in favor of tapering of emission schedule into infinity, meaning that we forever approach full dilution but never reach it. That is also the best solution to ensuring that LM pools are sustainable; fees only is never enough (and never competitive), one needs additional rewards. Put the brakes on the emission schedule, let it run asymptotically towards full dilution. Solves two problems at once: token release is slowed down, and liquidity pools are sustainable for the foreseeable future.

B. Remove time-locked Staking (and also “SOV holders should earn fees”)
I support this; in fact I wrote an exploratory SIP draft on this, followed by a good discussion with some community members. SOV holders don’t need rewards, they just hold as an investment.

I would say that point 1 and 3 are more important than this point though.

C. UX and, in particular, first time user experience must be improved.
Totally agree! This should be a priority. The way to do this I think is as follows: there needs to be the option of a Simple Mode and an Advanced Mode (= current interface). The Simple Mode should be created from the ground up next to the existing interface, have fewer features, and be super simple.

Some of the other stuff, like delaying Zero while it is ready are a big No for me. Also, these should be three separate SIPs.