Uncollateralised Loans (for future reference)

I have heard some people talk about how big they think Defi to real world borrowing could be in the next 1-2 years, taking a loan against your BTC to buy a house or something like that appeals to many bitcoiners so Zero is great for that. Erik Vorhees has mentioned in several podacsts he bought a house borowing against ETH, Robert Breedlove was very impressed by it and Peter McCormack wants to buy a house and doesnt want to sell his BTC :slight_smile:

Also uncollateralised loans are another area that could potentially see exponential growth at least according to Ari Paul (Uponly podcast last 15min), this topic was once briefly discussed after a community call however there are some obvious challenges with uncollateralised loans in Defi.

I came across Mars protocol launching on Terra, they will offer uncollateralised loans to whitelisted smart contracts to limit risk.

" * Borrowers (uncollateralised): Smart contracts that borrow assets from Mars liquidity pools without posting collateral. Each smart contract credit line must be approved by governance and will include a credit limit to mitigate the protocol’s risk exposure"

Below is the link to the whitepaper, perhaps we can keep this for future reference.

Since I am not an expert in lending protocol design so maybe people from the community can give there feedback and we can get a discussion going as I think this might be a good topic to explore in the near future.

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