What is the function of NTSOV?

Hi there fellow Sovryns,

I was looking around in the RSK explorer and came across this transaction (RSK explorer) for 100,000,000 SOV at the time of token generation to wallet ID 0x27D55f5668eF4438635bdCE0aDCA083507E77752

Those 100,000,000 tokens are sat on the wallet as NTSOV, and there is a further 18,224,433.9 SOV in its balance.

I figure this is some sort of dev wallet, but since I looked over the wiki and couldn’t find an explanation of the mechanics, I thought I’d come here and ask the community to help me understand what these are doing here. Thanks!


maybe @Ororo knows? :thinking:

the 100m you see are “NTSOV” which is “Non-transferable SOV” and the 18.2m “SOV” that you see are not the “official” SOV they seem to be some other SOV, maybe a test contract but not sure.

NTSOV were used for the temporary governance before SOV existed. Anyone in the community who wanted to take part in it got an equal share in NTSOV