A Sovryn based VC fund

The recent airdrop of $FISH got me thinking about further possibilities to expand value on the system. What if there was a venture capital fund created on the system and the seed round funding was performed through an Origins launchpad sale? The token purchased as part of funding would be structured similarly to SOV for governance and rewards based on the fund’s eventual profits. (All sales would happen on SOV to help generate fees for the SOV holders)

A VC fund would also allow for a solid way to invest early into potential projects or even companies (mining startups or those looking at synergies such as process heat utilization from mining) and possibly push them towards utilizing Sovryn in some way. For example, companies could launch a governance token on SOV, of which the VC fund would be rewarded similarly to the VCs that invested in SOV.

Alternatively if a company doesn’t want to create a token, it could bring stock exposure to SOV. The VC fund could hold the stock and function as exposure to that within the platform. While allowing easier investment from the community into the less sexy infrastructure type projects without needing to be rich already.

What are your thoughts, is this something that you think is worth investigating? I’m not a programmer, so this is more of a theoretical/brainstorming session. If anyone wanted to partner up to try and make it a reality I would be down to contribute anyway I could.

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Ferric, we already have a launch pad and additionally, SOV stakers get to participate on the pre sales conducted on the origins from now on.

I don’t think sovryn should take on unnecessary risks like this, and holding shares of public companies in some kind of demat account of a broker is an attack surface that we want to avoid.

Synergy, we must do but not like this. We can invest on mining companies but to do so in an decentralized and efficient way is yet to be brought forward.