Adding SOV to my margin does NOT change my liquidation price. Why?

Am I not doing this correctly? Or is it a bug?

Hi cartmoun,

Thank you for the question. In order for us to assist you better, please kindly submit a ticket here for us to address your issue: Support : Sovryn

Please provide a screenshot, your wallet address in order for our team to look into your issue.


@Octopus I have the same problem.
I added margin with hope to avoid liquidation: position size has increased, but both entry price and liquidation price hasn’t changed.
I’m not liquidated yet, but it’s very tight atm…

I got a position liquidated too at 27$. Too lazy to submit a ticket about the bug tho.

This seems to still be the case, and is confusing. Long SOV with SOV as collateral, and when you add margin, it just increases your position and doesn’t decrease your liquidation point.

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Something definitely seems wrong with margin trading. I should have been liquidated on a short when BTC reached 60k - it went all the way to 66k. I finally closed it back down at 61k and half of my funds were returned. I now have a long and added a small amount to margin to test if it would change my liquidation price. Price stayed the same and it only added .0002 to the position rather than the .001 that I added and was taken from my wallet (fees maybe?)