Adressing the liquidity issues on Sovryn Trading

Hello @AlykzAlex I saw your post 2 weeks ago, sadly is only today that I have some answers to you.

1.- Returns for Liquidity Providers: It all depends on statistics, the amount of transactions per day the AMM process. The UI already gives that numbers.
2.- Returns for lenders (which is not the same as LPs): Depends on the demand on lending pools, and the formula of active rates are indicated in the of the smart contracts repo. On top of that, to get passive rates, take into accon that 10% of that interest is going to a insurance fund, and 1% is for Sovryn platform, but it is likely I must do some further research.
3.- The only way to control the API is through that 1% sovryn platform collects… imho, not a good idea to rise that % just to attract liquidity providers, coz that disuade users to use the platform, which is what provides our earnings. Is a very delcate equilibrium. The rest of variables depends on how often users use the AMMs, borrow money or open margin trades.
4.- I agree with you regarding the pursue of safty, but that’s already happening… having Immunefy not found any bugs is a good signal. Take a look into my proposal on how users can help us to find issues/problema in our code/platform/UX.
5.- If you need any help with that article about the safety of our platform, just let me know :sunglasses: