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Where can I see my stake earnings on the sovryn app?? How often are these earnings distributed? I would think this info. would be more transparent and easy to find on a democratized system.

Stake earnings are relatively minimal at this time. I have earned 20 cents over a couple weeks. The Yield farming is more effective due to the loot drops if you are looking for faster rate of return. I would suggest staking for governance as a buy in to the system. If that is a lower priority for you - then lend or yield farm so you can see your returns.
Hopefully that helps!


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Thanks for the info. Didn’t realize staking rewards were so low. Would be helpful if the Sovryn team could express figures to people trying to join so they could get a realistic perspective on the strategies they want to take. I do understand it is early in the ballgame though. But transparency is always a key concern of mine.


What trading platforms are you planning on allowing on? Should allow and allow staking on cat ex for sure. Also what support is needed to promote the sovryn ty :slight_smile: