I was removed from sovryn discord for sharing my blog?

I’m curious as to why I was removed from the Sovryn discord channel because I posted a link to my blog. The blog is hosted on my personal site titled, “In Defense of Crypto”.

Did I break a rule?

Hi, it was me that deleted it. The link you shared was not a direct link to the post, only to your home page, and when I tried to click through to look at your blog none of the links worked and the site seemed to be running a bunch of suspicious looking scripts. This made your post seem spammy and potentially malicious so I deleted it and removed your account. Given the nature of the chat, where a malicious link can cause people to lose money, we have to be extra careful about this. You can share a link to your site again here (preferably a direct link to your blog post) and I can take another look and let you know specifically what I found wrong with your site, so if there is actually a problem you can fix it.


Hey Light!

Thanks, that makes sense. I apologize.

It could be a phishing link, this makes sense. There were some issues with deploying my site on AWS. I’m going to change this to Netlify soon, so the issue should go away.

Apologies for the late response, been pretty busy with work lately!

Could I get unblocked so that I can join the server again? I’ll make sure to be extra careful when linking to any external resources.

no problem. you should be allowed to rejoin the server and post again. https://discord.gg/m8jJdqSJeW

Thanks @light

By the way, I was browsing the github for sovryn. I noticed you did wrote up the Zero protocol proposal.
Great job.

Thanks, however the Zero proposal was written by Yago. My contribution was limited to fulfilling my usual SIP editor duties.