Idea: a proposal boost interface

Problem: only very few individuals are able to submit a proposal onchain due to the 1% requirement.

Solution: an interface where queued proposals can be reviewed by other SOV holders. And if they so choose, they can delegate their voting power to the proposer and get their proposal submitted onchain.

The UX would be as follows:

  • Bitocrat A submits proposal at .1% voting power (under the 1% quorum)
  • Bitocrats B, C, D, F, and G see the proposal in the dashboard, review it, and decide to delegate the remaining .9% voting power necessary to enact the proposal for vote.
  • Proposal is then up for vote among the Sovryn Bitocracy thanks to Bitocrat A’s transparent submission and the Bitocrats’ support through delegation.

Inspired by: DAOstack framework

With DAOstack DAOs, you can see proposals that are boosted to effect expediency in their ratification. In this case, you would stake a separate token (shitcoin) to turn a proposal from needing 50% total voting power to pass, to needing only relative majority (among whoever votes) and a 7-day deadline.

The cool thing about this is, anyone can basically submit a proposal on the interface for people to see, regardless of their token holdings. It does not guarantee ratification, but it allows you to put a proposal out there for people to boost/support. I propose the same for Sovryn Bitocracy.

This might require some chances to governance to allow for a queuing of proposals that don’t meet the 1% voting power quorum. Perhaps if you submit an unboosted proposal, we can lower the minimum from 1% to .1%

But I think in the end will allow for transparency and efficiency for SOV holders who wish to move things forward for the community.



Thanks for proposing this Inglandia, I really like to see this implemented. Community can participate a lot more this way. A guide on how to write the SIP can also be provided on that page.

Taking the users to a page which easily allows Sovryn stakers to delegate their vote and the page shows all the proposals that need more VP for being submitted onchain. It’s important to note that i don’t want any changes to the bitocracy, just making it easier to delegate will be fine imo.

This page can be located on clicking “Proposals/?” under the drop-down list of “Governance” tab on