Pre-SIP30 Staker Fees

With the implementation of SIP-30 and the new Rewards tab, how does this impact the fees that stakers earned (but hadn’t claimed) under the previous process?

i.e. on the Bitocracy/Stake tab, under Total earned fees Available, there are fees accumulated in iRBTC, SOV, iUSDT, iDOC which used to continuously update, which would appear to be now frozen. (see attached image)

  1. I assume nothing further will accumulate in these buckets as the new process is populating the bucket on the Rewards page, correct?
  2. Do these ‘legacy’ balances need to be withdrawn by the user?
  3. If so, is there some way that they could be mass claimed or migrated to the new bucket, as I presume these are mostly dust and the transaction fees on claiming all four buckets will make them uneconomic to claim for most users.
  4. Also, on the new rewards tab, how often to the new fees earned recalibrate? They appeared to continuously update on the old tab, but look to be static on the new tab, so maybe they are updating daily, or every two weeks?