SIP 0018 - BabelFish Token Sale

I vote yes, and I would leave the cliff for 2 months, and I liked the limit of $ 2500 per wallet better that would allow more participation and less congestion.


I am sure that all premium members of BCW think this way.Good for you! Everyone here should read your answer and really unterstand this…BCW premium members do not pump and dump.Nooooi,they are serious investors.They pay good money for their memberships and so they are good investors.They pay good money for their memberships and so they are good hodlers. They pay good money for their memberships and so they are good everything. D man says…it should be true and ok .Their brother in crypto!!! HIRED BROTHER!No too expensive to pump and dump instead They pump,pump,pump, again pump and then only they dump!

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I think price for Day 2 only be justified if there is 100% unlock on day 1 of trading…!!

So what do you suggest then for launch price? What to justify there?

I dissagree on that. 100% unlock after the sale would be good only for people aiming for short term gains - not development of BabelFish and SOVRYN. That would be good only for speculators.


Shut up and take my money!

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BabelFish x Sovryn gets my vote! There are a lot of debates on what is a fair deal for BCW and Sovryners - which I think the team has calibrated accordingly to make it a happy outcome for both parties. In the interest of the Sovryn platform, I encouraged all parties to think long term.

  1. This is the first launchpad for Sovryn and will bring lots of liquidity to the platform. Remember, this is not the last but a successfully launch will mean a milestone worth celebrating! One that all Sovryners will feel proud of!

  2. BabelFish tackles a very key issue with stablecoin and is key to the success of BTC being used in Defi. Just imagine BTC not only being used as a store of value, there are actual use cases for it. To do that, you need stablecoins from cross chains to fuel all these!

  3. Both teams, Sovryn and BabelFish are aligned in their vision. Just imagine the kind of synergetic collaborations that can happen when both team work together. We can surely expect to see more well-thought product build, which will elevate both platform. That itself, is a major win.

  4. As we cast our rightful votes when the SIP goes into the voting stage, I urge all Sovryners to take a step back, think deeply and weigh the pros and cons of this SIP - Between personal interests versus the benefits that can be gained from this partnership, I hope the decision is clear.

Think long term. Together, we can achieve more!


Then you provide for normal people also 10 months linear vesting , we would definitely accept. This sale is definitely Unfair

But You can do it - just stake this unlocked 50% of FISH right after sale.


I support you, this sale is kind of unfair

Is staking reward is higher ??
If no then it is Unfair for common people

Just remember when you vote, you should vote on behalf of Sovryn:
What is best for the protocol, to list or not to list Babelfish?


Does it accept rBTC only or SOV as well?

I believe this proposal is fair. It is similar to Genesis Sovryn sale whereby the initial pre-sale is vested over 10 months. This ensures no dumps can take place upon launch. The 50% released and 10 month vesting for the remaining is fair as well, and provides participants the ability to “cash out” at least initials should there be an immediate price jump. And for the stakers, the airdrop is an added bonus to support and reward those who truly believe in the project.

Also, brings much needed liquidity to the platform overall. BabelFish will be an incredible addition to the SOVRYN ecosystem.

A strong YES from me.


One point that could be really critical in this proposal is the fact that the second sale is open to everyone. Apparently, the wallet limit shall prevent whales owning a too large amount of tokens. However, it could easily be possible to buy up the entire sale through a bot. The wallet limit will not prevent this. Will there be done anything to stop bots from buying?
I’m just afraid the “usual” (not BCW) community will hardly get any tokens because the sale could be over in a few seconds.


Great project start! look forward to it. I´m voting YES!!


Please go back and read again. The liquidity Mining rewards are 45% of total supply. Both presales combined are only 7.5% of total supply.


Well first you’d have to develop a bot compatible with a sale on a platform that has not been seen before.
I dont think that’s gonna happen. I’m not worried.

@HubCityMayhem emphasises the same point that I make:
Babelfish will be a huge step up for the ecosystem. That calls for a yes vote.


Probably you’re right. The interface on the Sovryn platform is yet unknown. I didn’t consider this difficulty.

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I think it’s a fair proposal overall, and a highly beneficial project to launch on Sovryn. The added value of an efficient stablecoin aggregator is tremendous. The airdrop to stakers and provision of AMM liquidity to Sovryn is a significant nod to the community’s added value for BabelFish.

I’m a little surprised by the changes in the final SIP, that said. Exchanging the equal price of $0.11 for Sovryns for a $0.18 public price with 50% direct unlock, does little to address the cries of ‘unfair’. It will likely make them worse, in fact, as most basic investors don’t look beyond price.

That’s not really your fault, though. Commenters would do well to put their emotions aside for a second. If you look at BCW as the degenerate, decentralized VC community bootstrapping BabelFish at seed stage, and us Sovryns as the first private sale buyers, this reads like a completely fair token sale proposal. And a good deal for the Sovryn platform and community, most importantly.

Technically, I would be interested in hearing how you plan to learn from, differentiate from and improve upon other stablecoin aggregator projects like Curve, mStable, Saddle, DFX Finance, xSigma etc. I think that will be critical to the success of your vision.