SIP-0048 - Strategic Investment in Sovryn

I think this is a great partnership. Sovryn needs to secure funds to make sure operations continue through a bear market. The team simply needs to build and this investment will allow for that. Let’s all vote yes and work for a better future.


“History doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes” using that Mark Twain quote again to agree to your concerns regarding a bear market. Maybe it takes until after the next bitcoin halving (May 2nd 2024) for bitcoin to take off to real heights again. Who knows?The prospect of having a year financed in advance no matter what hits is a calming one. Therefore I applaud the strategic step and voted yes.


Hi, is there any real and community update on the status for SC current and future investment, as well as their ongoing participation assisting the project with all their structure and connections? I believe the community is entitled for more details on this.


100% agree. If this deal has been closed, it is the first I know of that doesn’t issue a mutual press release - which sounds fishy. Especially since Zero is a great product in a bear. My hypothesis is that there is either a legal hurdle re us being a DAO (there was at least one LP who had to pull out bc of that), or the USDC never came from that investor, or something else. Sadly, it is a pattern imho that Sovryn Mgt. team does not communicate transparently what’s going on. I am a community member of another DAO, and we know EVERYTHING - total transparency. I cannot see how this is in line with the core idea of being Sovryn, if we are kept in the dark for what four months counting now???


The round has closed but we cannot issue a public statement on this until the press release is sent out, otherwise media outlets will not pick it up. I am checking on the date of the PR.

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this is still going on?

No need for public release, just a private informational notice on the matter for sovryn users or stakers at least :upside_down_face: …. We very much in the dark here.
Yago never discusses Sov price as it’s non important, but it’s said he and the team are under much pressure, May be this delayed info release on CGC is related to it? Sov price went down much after their initial first investment round, along with the entire market sure.
It’s hard to support token purchase which drives prices, when so many info is not delivered.
… we still believe though, al cult level though.

there is an address with funds deposited …what mor do you need!?

Funding was not the only offer nor opportunity why the community voted on SIP0048. This investment fund is supposed to have helped develop many big names around, … their know-how and support is important, is there any on the works? … Is there at least one of their interns assigned to advise Sovryn?


technically speaking the address could be anyone…