# SIP-0049: on Sovryn´s Team


  • Sovryn´s Platform is managed by a few members, lead by Yago as its main public figure.
  • Sovryn´s Platform currently includes its AMM with lending, trading, borrowing, swap features, as well as staking, liquidity pools, and bitocracy and subprotocols such as origins, zero, mynt bounding curve, and perps.


Although the Sovryn Platform has been positively building recently, and has obtained an important corporate investment, it is also true that some of the management´s decisions have not satisfied some of the sovryns in the community, having as consequence investing time developing a couple of subprotocols with no to little use and in lower than expected results in the Platform´s general growth and projection, with the well developed functionalities.

The community is generally in the dark when it comes to knowing details of the Protocol´s operations among Managament and the core team members, and the spending of its resources, which makes it hard to properly assess the platforms operational financial status.


For the purpose of better scrutiny by the community, for the general management of the Platforms growth, Sovryn must share in writing, on a monthly basis, the general information on the management operations of the Protocol, such as:
a. number of developers, and their pay out numbers
b. number of individuals involved with the management, and their pay out numbers
c. number of individuals involved with marketing, and their pay out numbers
d. historic, present and projected budget
e. general balance sheet for the Protocol


there has been a statement from the Exchequer that includes answers to almost all your queries. It was presented in the community call a while back. They also provided a link to a document that has all of that information. Check Discord and Youtube Channels to get to that specific call

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Effectively, that was a while back. Is there any updated written document on this?

I advocate to get this monthly or even quarterly per newsletter in my inbox, or per pinned message in TG.

Please don’t expect all Sovryns to have the headspace to search in Youtube videos or Discord channels. Not everything has to be PULL in a DAO. It is simply good management practice.

And, whether web2 or web3, a management team is opague, there is usually a reason for that. Blockchain is all about transparency, hence mgt. information should also be - and in a proactive and easy to read / retrieve way.

Example idea: why not document al decisions on Notion? Released with a time-lag if you want, but nevertheless available for community members who want to understand how decisions are being made.