SIP-0049 Staking contract refactoring and other improvements

The vote on SIP-0049: “Staking contract refactoring and other improvements” is now live!

SOV stakers, cast your vote on this proposal here

Dear Sovryns,

We are happy to announce that a large work on refactoring, improvement and a number of fixes of the Staking contract is completed.
Please have a look into the SIP-0049 draft.
Comments, questions, suggestions are welcome.


I believe that approving this SIP is only a formality.

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We need to get it through the door as fast as reasonable possible.

As uncomfortable as it was for a lot of the sovryns this was absolutelly necesary. There are already plans to transfer the ownership of some of the contracts to the Bitocracy and this SIP was imperious before that.

Thank you, team!


I support this SIP.
I still hold delegated Voting Power from SIP-51 and the staking contract freeze. I got contacted by some Sovryns that delegated to me and they expressed their support. Unless some delegators do not want me to vote YES, I will also use that delegated VP to vote YES on this SIP, so please contact me if you are a delegator and have concerns.


Update: SIP-0049 has been approved by Bitocracy:

Screenshot 2023-02-21 135933

Now the proposal moves on to execution, currently scheduled to happen this Friday Feb 24th.

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Has withdraws from staking been fixed? It’s not working for me and wanted to check if it’s just me doing something wrong or if it’s system wide.