SIP-0043: Critical Governance Bug Fix

SIP-0043 is LIVE for voting

Find the SIP text here

Find the announcement and background here

This forum post serves as a venue for discussion regarding SIP-0043. Please read through both links above

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I want to cite the announcement:

We considered many options, including trying to sneak this tiny change into a larger update. But it is unwise to underestimate the ability of black-hats spotting upcoming bug fixes. It is also not Sovryn to include a change into a SIP without clear disclosure, even if it is for the greater good. We had to find a better solution, and possibly one that could help us out of these situations in the future as well.

You all have my deepest respect for this decision! You all handled the problem in the most transparent and safest way possible.

Will there be a disclosure of the security researcher or does (s)he want to remain anonymous?

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Well done, Sovryn,
You have handled this issue in a very professional manner.
I have always been a fan of the Sovryn mindset, and seeing this, I am even more determined to hodl and stake all my SOV tokens for as long as possible.
Security of the dApp has to be paramount


They wish to remain anonymous, which we of course will respect. We may however be publishing the payout and more details on the bug after implementation of the fix in a kind of post-mortem post :slight_smile:

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