Introducing the Sovryn Improvement Proposal Process

In January 2021, the Sovryn Bitocracy protocol was activated, giving SOV holders a voice in the direction of the protocol. So far there have been over a dozen Sovryn Improvement Proposals or “SIPs” that have been voted on. Each has followed roughly the same process: the idea is first introduced and discussed in the Sovryn Discord chat or Discourse forum, then a formal draft is shared and discussed, and then a finalized proposal is put to a vote by SOV holders.

However, the Sovryn Bitocracy has so far lacked a formal proposal process that proposal authors and SOV holders can reference as a shared set of expectations for how proposals will be moved from idea to implementation. The Sovryn Improvement Proposal Process comes in.

The Sovryn Improvement Proposal Process is a formalized version of the process that SIPs have been roughly following so far. The process describes in detail each stage proposals go through and what is expected of the different groups of participants, including proposal authors, reviewers, editors, and voters. While the process doesn’t contain any hard requirements, by writing the process down and publishing it for public use I hope to make Sovryn governance more accessible for SOV holders and others who are interested to participate in.

You can now find the SIP Process in the SIPs repo README file here. Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome and appreciated!


Well-written Light, looks solid.


Just updated the proposal based on some feedback and other ideas I’ve had, and also moved the proposal out of my personal repo and into the SIPs repo. Will leave it as a draft until Monday in case there are any final comments over the weekend, then I will switch the status to “Ready” and hopefully SOV holders can vote on it soon after!

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The PR for this SIP has been updated from “Draft” to “Ready” state.

Hi Light,

I hope this finds you well.

Is this SIP (0011) approved and live? If it’s not, where is it in the approval process?

Thanks, FRU

Hello, this SIP is currently “ready for vote” but not yet voted on. However it seems to be the process most SIPs are following anyways. I’m planning to put it to a vote at some point so the community can formally adopt it as the “official” process for submitting governance proposals.

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The first post on this thread has been updated to reflect that this is no longer a SIP, and has been merged into the SIPs repo README file instead. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to review and give feedback about the SIP Process!