SIP-0044 : Staking contract hardening against multiple attack vectors

Hello dear Sovryns.

Our team relentlessly keeps improving security of Sovryn contracts.
SIP-0044 introduces a patch to fix sophisticated exploit scenarios we discovered which would allow to manipulate voting power.
We paused the Staking contract to prevent exploit of the vulnerability while the SIP is being discussed and voted, so your funds and voting power are safe.

A draft sip: SIPS/ at sip-0044 · DistributedCollective/SIPS · GitHub
Comments, questions are welcomed either here or on GitHub.


Thank you for being vigilant! Safety and security are paramount! Onward!


Get this to voting already and unpause the contract.

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That’s the highest priority task at the moment.
We need to complete tests series to make sure that there is no exploit scenarios uncovered and that the fix does not break normal functionality either.
The team is working hard to get it up and running again.
We realize that pausing the contract causes inconveniences and appreciate your patience.


Please vote

Voting is up and active. Let’s get it!