SIP-0061: Zero stability pool subsidies

Hello Sovryns!

In the past weeks we developed SOV subsidies for the ZERO stability pool. Here are the details:

We intend to start the vote on Monday 1st of May.


I think this is good news,

The rewards are generated block by block, and I can claim them liquid at any time?

It is not clear what criteria are used to determine the APY at any given time. Will it be determined by a human or an algorithm that is configured from the beginning in a consensual and unmodifiable way? Is there any idea of how the strategy will be initially approached?

It seems fine to me to use a very small part of the ZERO income to avoid using the Adoption Fund. In the example given (5%), it would seem that it can be easily achieved, by extrapolation of current revenue and expense figures, without affecting staker profitability.


I think this is great, it solves one of the biggest hurdles in the Stability Pool which was users feeling as their assets where not being productive while there where no liquidations happening.

The stabilit Pool is becoming incerdibly attractive between this and One Digit’s articles exporing the long term opportunities and historical data on Liquity’s liquidations.


Sorry for replying late. The rewards are being generated each time there is an interaction with the stability pool contract, like a deposit or a withdrawal. The smart contract then issues the reward for the time passed since the last interaction. The reward can be set by the reward manager, which is set to the admin governor’s timelock contract. So, this setting can be changed with a SIP.