SIP-0080: Zero Protocol Redemption Page

SIP-0080: Zero Protocol Redemption Page

Proclamation text

Sovryn web application (reference deployment) should always include UI option for average users to redeem their ZUSD/DLLR via Zero Protocol.

Motivation for writing this proclamation

The Zero Protocol redemption page UI was removed in an effort to reduce redemptions. However, redemptions still happen. Most of the redemptions were executed by the arbitragers who have direct access to the smart contract. To live by the standard of “you don’t have to be technical to be free”, all Sovryn users should have equal access to the redemption feature of the Zero Protocol.


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Thanks for writing this. I wholeheartedly agree.


Great Proclamation SIP! I would like to see this implemented.


When will this be going up for a vote?

it will be ready for vote on Jun 28.

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I support this SIP. It is a small convenience and redemptions are not slowed by this measure.


My vote is for this…

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Great job on this SIP. Since it wasn’t a smart-contract change, I think it didn’t attract a lot of direct action even though I think people generally supported it. (I didn’t vote myself because I was traveling during the entire window.)

Keep that initiative coming!