SIP-X: Transfer of vested/staked funds to a new address

SIP Title Author Status Track Created
X Migration of vested/staked funds to a new address Hyperboreyan Draft Parameter 2022-XX-XX

SIP-X: Migration of vested/staked funds to a new address

Let’s start with this first proposition and the discussion :slight_smile:


As an end-user, I want to be able to transfer my vested funds and my staked funds to a new address.
(Note : for simplicity purpose, I do not ask to separate the 2 = subject to discussion)

As a result, the context of the running contract will be stritcly moved to the new address, so that the end-user will find exactly the same configuration (same locked amount + same staking/vesting periods, same voting power, same delegation…)

(To be discussed)

  • “Total earned fees Available” are moved as well ? (nice to have I think)


The following cases have been raised :

  • Moving to a hardware wallet
  • Doxxed/KYC existing address
  • ?


From a GUI perspective, a new link “transfer” or " migrate" could be added in the bitocracy page.
Then a screen asks the destination address to the enduser.

This action can be subject to special fees (especially if we want to limit its usage) : to be detailed if it’s relevant

It’s NOT a mean to end a staking period prematurely.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


I wanted give this SIP some time as I knew the team would be busy with the roll out of other features.

There is support for this idea as seen in the original post and every time I read about a metamask hack I am reminded of this issue so lets start the discussion again if there are any objections.

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Glad this issue made it into a draft.

I’m strongly supporting it, not only out of own interest, but also from a general security perspective.

At the time most users locked up their SOV directly/indirectly in staking/vesting contracts, the (supported wallet) options have been very very limited. As hw support and current integrations just haven’t been available, or been in unsafe/experimental condition.


I also support this SIP. I am now using Metamask connected to a hardware wallet, but would much prefer to use just the hardware wallet. Being able to transfer my staked funds put of Metamask would be greatly appreciated.


Great idea in my opinion!

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