Sovryn BTC Mining

I really 100% this idea… make it happen.

Always wanted to invest in bitcoin infrastructure somehow but bar was never low enough (KYC f.e. - or managing your own machines etc)

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Cracking idea I’m in.

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this would make a great subprotocol.

Sounds like we have mining contracts with the same company. My long awaited go live date is coming up on 1/30. I formed an LLC, soon to be S Corp, for taxation purposes, but I’m trying to get my head around whether the CapEx is depreciable. I’ve searched high and low and you’re the first person I’ve heard mention mining with them. Would you be willing to PM and share any experiences you’ve had? I just set up my Sovryn forum account so I don’t have messaging privileges yet.

Sorry for late response, i’ll pm you.

13:37 @dseroy

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It’s an interesting suggestion. From what I hear these mining contracts are not good value in comparison to the bang for buck of buying and running the mining hardware directly. That’s not to say it’s not worth it but I’d like to see some more details, figures, projections, ROI, etc