Sovryn decentralized exchange DEX and Decentralized application dApp. Weekly earning report

My Sovryn investment will pay off by itself in 200 years. Those buying today could see their initial investment in rBTC/BTC in 30 years if the token’s price doesn’t go lower than today’s price. SovrynBTC is a BitcoinDeFi token in the sidechain Rootstock RSKsmart. Bitcoin

This is one utility that Sovryn has: you can stake your tokens and exchange, get governability over the protocol, and earn revenue from the protocol fees. As far as I know, Sovryn is the only decentralized exchange and application that is paying users from actual utility and not inflation of the token which means that it is real money. It is something that doesn’t dilute the value of the pass itself. Sovryn only has a 100 million total supply that could be changed with a vote, but I doubt stakers would want to see their money devalued by inflation.

But believe it or not, holding and staking the token is not the most outstanding value that Sovryn has to offer, nor that offer any solutions for Bitcoiners and hard believers of Bitcoin at all. After all, Sovryn is just another token, and you are wrong, completely wrong. Those who buy, hold and stake the token do it at their own risk, but Bitcoiners don’t have to buy it to enjoy all the features the DEX offers.

Michael Saylor got a loan against his Bitcoin with Silvergate bank, a centralized entity, one on which Saylor doesn’t have complete control over his private keys, and if that bank goes under, MicroStrategy will lose its money just like many people have lost their money with applications like Celsius among many others.

Sovryn, on the other hand, offers Zero interest loans and relies on Smart contracts instead of a centralized institution that could get declared bankrupt. Saylor doesn’t know Sovryn exists, and I bet he will discover his way into the future. Still, you, the regular Joe, can enjoy a far better alternative to Silverback today by utilizing Sovryn Zero Interest Protocol.

You can get ZUSD stable coin and exchange that for more Bitcoin or any other asset the decentralized offers or move your loan liquidity to other networks if your heart desires that. You are free to do as you please because it is your own money, and you don’t have to ask for permission.

RSK smart offers value to current Bitcoin holders because now developers can build EVM-compatible apps on Bitcoin that help the hold BTC ecosystem, not to mention you can now bridge your Bitcoin by utilizing Lightning Network.

I know some people think the only asset they will ever need is Bitcoin, but if Bitcoin must take all over the world, Bitcoin will not just do peer-to-peer transactions. It will do everything that is remotely financially related. If you want to take a loan, pay back a loan, margin trade, spot trade, everything will be done with Bitcoin as the main asset, and everything else will be priced in Bitcoin.

RSK smart is just a sidechain on Bitcoin, and Sovryn is just another dApp that will help people get a better future. I am already enjoying weekly Bitcoin back mortgage payments. I am pretty sure others will enjoy other tools the dApp offers. I am sure some people bank to buy houses with Bitcoin, but there is a tool called Zero Interest Protocol without having to sell their Bitcoin to do that. It is just that it is not famous yet, but eventually, people like Sailor will find out.


Sovryn is not just a token but an actual decentralized application that works on top of RSKsmart and the sidechain on top of Bitcoin, and you don’t need to hold the token to enjoy what the app offers. Still, it will be up to the reader to find out what it is all about and to have an open mind to new possibilities.