SovrynBets: A FuD and price prediction for Sovryn and BTC-related content

SovrynBets: A FuD and price prediction for Sovryn and BTC-related content.

I created a channel to share FuD regarding Sovryn and Bitcoin-related stuff. Join me and fud there to your heart’s content, and if the market wants fuddters, that channel will grow in numbers, which could also help remove the FuD from main channels.

And it is also to share price predictions, especially those that point to a 90% price drop. Believe main channels don’t want to hear one penny price predictions, so come on and join me and you can share the most outrageous price predictions even if those point to zero.

If you want to do FuD, do it on the SovrynBets channel. It is not pleasant to complain about the project just for complaining. The truth is the market gotta do what it gotta do. And SIP24 is not an excuse for FuD either. You all knew that investing in altcoins or DeFi tokens had risks. Well, now you are seeing that risk. The best thing you could do is try to bring users so that they trade and generate fees. That’s what the protocol needs and what it will need in the future. Users willing to use the protocol should be the priority of everyone that stakes. The developers can’t do everything.

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This project has like 100 people online how many TG channels can it take to discuss its -99% down

To me one person is good enough but if the 99 show up that’s a plus.