Spice Points generated by Adoption Fund

Dear Sovryns,

As I am long term committed to Sovryn, my crypto funds are staked in SOV for the longer term. And as those funds are locked, I could not participate in the BOB harvesting campaign.

However, with SIP-0079 being approved by the stakers, the SOV in the Adoption Fund was used to generate lots of Spice points.

Basically, by approving this SIP the stakers could still indirectly participate in the BOB harvesting campaign.

In my opinion it would be fair to use a significant part of these Spice points to reward (ongoing) stakers (who could not participate in the BOB harvesting campaign because their SOV was locked and committed to Sovryn), and by doing so making staking more attractive, which benefits the Sovryn project.

Looking forward to your opinions on this.

Stay Sovryn!


I support this, i’m also max staked with almost all my funds and could not participate in the spice program.


This fair! Must support the people that support the project.

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Sounds solid, I am max staked but bought SOV extra to play the spicey game… so now I got sov in different area codes :slight_smile:

The spice points will be used to attract LP in the BOB chain.