Staking Rewards Question

Quick question on Staking rewards; I staked 35 SOV on 8/23/2021 for two years. Under the new staking rewards system that was to begin paying out on 8/27/2021 this should generate roughly 17% APR and 34% APY per the staking rewards calculator (SOV Staking Rewards Calculator | Sovryn Wiki). It has been nearly two months and I have only seen 0.0103 SOV (0.237USD) as a reward available from staking. As far as I can tell this reward is not adequate as described by the staking rewards system. My SOV is not currently vesting and was a fully voluntary stake. What am I missing here?

According to calculator, for 35 SOV staked for 2 years, your voting power should be 315 and you will receive roughly 11.85 SOVs over 2 years and for first week it should be about 0.356895 SOV. Tomorrow, Friday the 22nd, is the day you will receive your fortnightly staking reward. It should appear in the new reward page under Liquid SOV tab. If the amount is not right I would suggest to double check the amount of SOV and the date you have staked your SOV and if everything is correct then there is something wrong, and you may want to open a ticket