Tipping writers for content with Sovryn SOV

One of the popular things right now is tipping content creators, and many altcoins are doing precisely that to bring attention to their projects; some of those are Publish0x, NoiseCash, and ReadCash.

When it comes to content, users must take their ideas and present them in a readable way and produce some work because writing takes brainpower, so it is proof of work, in my opinion at 40 words for a minute for those who can type an average speed.

Tipping users will also help bots pick up the Sovryn ticker because bots can read much faster than humans, and many traders use bots to trade.

And tipping users and writers will create a better community even if some only come for the tips eventually; those who actually get it will stay and could even invest their own money into the project. Bitcoin started from nothing. Faucets were created at some point in the past, and many people bought Bitcoin after receiving their free tip.

The Sovryn community has been a curse from a market dump, the reasons why the price collapse is not something for this article, but one thing that I will say is the more people talk about Sovryn, the more the price will improve because others will read and find out about the new DeFi protocol that works with Bitcoin. It is a Bitcoin peg sidechain with merge mining, but those users need to know by consuming content that others besides the developers produced.

The forum is already alive. The only thing that needs to be built is to create a tip bot for the site that could even tip Smarter Bitcoin, LN, and Sovryn to those willing to produce content.

I don’t know if you will consider what you read a good content article or post, but I believe that Sovryn needs to add a tipping or reward system for those willing to create content for it. And if the BCash community can pull it off, Sovryn should be able to do the same or better because it is DeFi on Bitcoin. And if you know of a forum like a website where I can earn Sovryn, let me know because I would love to write about it.



I am big fan of this idea. Somehow integrating LN tips bot with Sovryn Forum. But we would have to split the forum into a formal Governance/SIP section and communtiy section where users can share their content like videos, articles, art, etc. Where community members can tip good ideas and good content if they wish to do so.

(Maybe in the future once LN-SOV bridge has more liquidity provide the option to tip with SOV or BTC backed Stablecoins to each other over the LN network.)

If someone picks up the idea and provides a SIP to fund such an endeavor, we could add a bot to this forum and even Reddit to bring more attention. If someone has better writing skills and some knowledge on how to program such a bot could open a SIP to get funded and start building. If not that there are already bots for that purpose.

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Maybe something like this LN browser wallet integrated with the forum.

But it should focus on SOV instead of LN because the tipping will be to promote the Sovryn dex and token, not Bitcoin

https://stacker.news/ it exists a community forum which accpets LN tips. And its open source. So surely we can add it to the forum.sovryn.app? Alby and stakcer.news mix added to the forum.

starbackr.com https://makers.bolt.fun/

⚡️ Lightning Comments · Issue #347 · Podcastindex-org/podcast-namespace · GitHub Maybe could add this to the forum.