SIP proposal to tip content creators.

When Bitcoin was not that widespread, faucets were a thing in the beginning. When BTC started, many users bought Bitcoin after using a faucet and experiencing the power of peer-to-peer for the first time. After their first drop, people who understood the project decided to go and buy more satoshis.

Sovryn, in my opinion, needs to add a similar approach to make the project known among other cryptocurrencies and to bring adoption. We already have a forum, so we could utilize what we already got to publish content here to ensure content doesn’t get censored and republish that content on other websites, always citing the original post, and those who post and bring new users could get rewarded as well.

Tipping content creators on either a video format, audio, or writing could bring more user adoption at the end of the campaign; if other altcoins are using the same tactics is because it works, and there is nothing wrong with using tools that others have already explored and are proven to give results.

I am not a programmer, so I can’t help you create a bot or even a website that could serve the purpose of a content creation tool, but we could already use what we already have today, this forum, Reddit, and even YouTube. Of course, this proposal is not an attempt to collect any funds whatsoever; it is just to prove a point and incentivize those with the necessary skills to build what I am proposing.

I also wrote a similar topic, but that was not a proposal intention. This post presents the idea so that others can take part and take it from here to where it needs to be taken to be a reality if there are people with the necessary skills and will to do so.

I wonder if we can fork into the Which would allow Sovryn community to Tip satoshis to fellow community members when they share content or provide good ideas and suggestions. Could increase community engagement for SIP discussions and give some incentive to community members to create content.

Well, it doesn’t look like the post got much traction, I will propose something directly this time but I will write it later on maybe this open brings the attention of the people who own Sovryn. It is about ZapRead.