Treasury Update & Q2 2022 Financials

Dear Sovryns,

You can find the Community Treasury Update that was presented on the Community call yesterday at this link.

Please note that a final budget will be raised for Bitocracy approval once it is complete. Q3 financials are expected to be released before the end of October.


Thank you Armando for the presentation the other day. Where can I go to double check these figures are correct?

Assuming this info is all on-chain can I get a list of the addresses? Maybe in the future would be nice to reference these wallet and token address at end of the financial report slides.

When it comes to crypto I believe in “do not trust, verify” or sovryn users very well could end up like Celsius. Just wish for some more transparency.

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Hey Armando, we’re getting close to the end of October here. Can we still expect Q3 financials to be posted by EOD Monday?