Why Not SOV in Uniswap and another Chains

Hello Sovereigns!

Based on the Sovryn project, DeFi on Bitcoin! These are my opinions on listing SOVs on other chains.
It is preferable that the capital comes to Sovryn and not the other way around, what is the point of listing SOV in Uniswap if it does not have benefits for the users of the Sovryn App.
If I like the solutions of the bridges for ETH and BSC in order to facilitate the access of these networks to Sovryn.
Even the UI still needs to show clearly and precisely the profits obtained from the fees, having contributed capital to the Pools or the Bitocracy.
Projects such as Babelfish and Money On Chain add value and synergy to Sovryn, they are from the same RSK network and the different tokens can be used on the platform, providing benefits for users.
With which I propose to give priority to incorporating Babelfish and MoC in Sovryn, and to postpone the listing of SOV in other chains.
In addition, it would be convenient to obtain additional benefits to investors in SOV for the private sales of the tokens of projects based on RSK as incentives and permanence.
Greetings to all!