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I think the forum serves a very good function in drawing attention to everything in general. It is organised by topic, it is used by some members of the core team, to communicate with users and sov holders. It is the place where SIPs are proposed and discussed, problems are reflected upon, strategies are discussed or supported, analyses are made that the team doesn’t do, fantastic groups like the Circle of Tokens are seeded, and ideas are constantly suggested for Sovryn to make changes, improvements, or launch new products.

Anyone can open a debate on a particular topic, which will have more or less interest and follow up, readings and responses. In the case of a SIP proposal it will either be presented, discussed, and end in a SIP or be punished with silence or general disapproval.

If someone presents an idea, the same thing will happen, and it will occasionally be lost among hundreds of posts. If ten different ideas are proposed it will generate the same thing multiplied by ten. But an idea is not a SIP, an idea is something with a different power.

In these almost fifteen months of the forum, countless ideas have been proposed, and the vast majority have been ignored, unanswered, forgotten, and finally lost forever. Those who proposed them were not happy in most cases and lost the enthusiasm to suggest new ideas. Sometimes a proposal is repeated months later, by another person who had the same idea. You may have better luck or the same thing may happen again.

I believe that the forum is not the right place to throw ideas like stones off a cliff. It needs another place, order, method, follow-up, feed-back. It needs a place that excites everyone, a factory of ideas that spreads enthusiasm to the most creative, and is something that differentiates Sovryn from other boring projects that are afraid of change and innovation.


Hey Lactarius! I was just made aware of this forum page which will enable users to be more engaged in the development process, please feel free to provide product ideas/feature requests/ or bug reports to this forum page:

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Hi Matt!

I knew that page to give ideas. It’s honestly not what I’m asking for.

I’m asking for an open place where ideas are received, recorded, shared, discussed, and saved so they never get lost.

If an idea is kept in a drawer that you can never open again, it seems more like the last time we’ll ever see it.

Ideas should be like seeds that we can all water together to make them an instrument of change. They should be shared, not imprisoned, forgotten or ignored.

The generators of ideas must be encouraged.

You can see the public board here:


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I’m glad it’s public, half an hour ago it wouldn’t let me in. Something has changed.

Nevertheless, this place is insufficient. It only offers a list of ideas, with date of entry and little else.

I would like something like what I asked for in the previous post. An interactive, visually appealing place to see the description of the idea, the comments on it, whether it has been discarded or accepted, and even implemented. I think it will save the team time, be efficient and effective. Sometimes ideas are repeated a thousand times in different places.

It should be easily accessible, I would give it a place in the main menu of the dapp. And I would communicate its existence, directing everyone there when we want to propose something.

Matt, I really appreciate your involvement, you’re always on top of these things!

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I think what you proposed makes sense.

The monday.com product ideas board Matt linked to is what the core contributors are using to track product ideas (bug reports and new product/feature requests). I should point out that the product ideas board shows quite a bit more than just “a list of ideas, with date of entry and little else”, it also shows what product each idea is related to, what the current status of the idea is (new, validated, in progress, done, etc), device information, when work started, and other important details. monday.com makes this database easy to search, filter, and organize, which makes for a nice workflow when maintaining the backlog. We chose to use monday.com for this because that is also what we’re using for project management, and having the two tools on the same platform again makes for a nice workflow.

What you are suggesting describes the forum quite well. I think we can utilize the forum for what you want while also keeping the established tooling and workflow we have with monday.com. The forum would just be one more source of ideas that would feed into the product ideas board. For example someone could start a forum thread in the Sovryn App section here, outline their idea, attach mockups, etc. The thread could be given tags by the author like “idea”, “trading”, etc so they can be easy to categorize together if people only want to read threads of ideas, or ideas about a certain topic. Other people could respond to the thread and help refine the idea. Then once it’s in a “final” state, someone could submit it to the product ideas board on monday.com and its progress can be followed through to completion or dismissal from there.


First of all, thank you very much for answering. You always help to make the concepts more precise and put the focus where it needs to be put.

Indeed monday.com adds the status of the idea, and the area to which it refers, and of course some more data that have to do with pure and simple registration. It is certainly a valid tool for the core contributors.

However, from my point of view it is not a suitable tool for Sovryn users, who cannot interact with monday.com, with the contributors and neither with the rest of the community. We only have the forum where it can take weeks for a main contributor to reply to an idea. Or maybe the discord, since I personally have had more success in getting ideas incorporated into Monday.com.

The forum is a multi-purpose place, it is not the “idea place”. As I said before, many ideas were born and died in the forum, punished by ignorance, silence and abandonment. Ideas are mixed with proposals sip, with requests for help, feed back, criticisms, and praises of the protocol. In short, in the forum ideas generally die, and their creator too, when they do not generate a change or are simply ignored.

Rather, I dream of a garden where ideas are sown, cultivated, transformed, where they are alive and attract attention. That it is not only an orderly and detailed record of them, but rather a meeting place where it is fun to read them, to understand them, to share them. A place where it is valuable to express them, because from that very moment they acquire transcendence, and it is known that they will make a difference.

Ideas need a home.

Consider that this is part of the lifecycle of ideas that just aren’t that popular. You’d have to point to specific examples if we wanted to try and examine the causes of failure of an idea further.

Is the main barrier to this technology, like does such a platform already exist that you have in mind? Or is the barrier something else (e.g. cultural)? And what exactly is the workflow you have in mind, the end-to-end process from idea to implementation, who does what, etc? Who are you expecting to pick up the ideas that are deemed by the hivemind to be “good” and implement them, if not the original author or supporters of the idea?

I am a financial user with zero knowledge in development. Therefore, I can neither create nor propose platforms to provide solutions to what I am asking for. I am not the right person to do that.

I’m just warning that , from my point of view, Sovryn is not offering the (best) conditions to promote the creation of ideas. Not only in the place to do it but in the methodology itself to carry it out. If I am not mistaken an idea can only prosper and reach Monday.com if it has supporters among the core contributors. Support from the community is not necessary, internal support is enough. Nor does it need to be initiated in the forum. A couple of my ideas were born on Discord.

What are the criteria for a core contributor to endorse an idea and get it onto Monday.com?

How can someone from the community find all the proposed ideas, discarded or not over time, to know if it has been proposed before and even analyzed?

How can someone in the community know why an idea is implemented or not? Monday.com offers statuses and dates but does not explain the causes that determine the delay, success or failure of an idea.

Sovryn is defending the sovereignty of all, financially, and also in other areas that have to do with individual freedom. I have the opportunity to communicate with decision-makers like you. That is invaluable. That’s why I appreciate this thread to tell you the things I’ve said to you, because we both want the best for Sovryn.

Anyone can submit an idea here to get it onto the board: New product idea, improvement, feature request, or bug report

It won’t show up right away, because it gets reviewed for sensitive info or spam, but absent that, it will end up on the product ideas board.

Everything that has been submitted to the product ideas board since around August or September last year is on the board now in one of the various groups, with the exception of a few ideas that were implemented a long time ago after we started recording ideas but before we started using monday.com.

That’s true. We would need to add a new column for this, because it appears that the public board doesn’t show the comments on an item (actually just noticed this). I added a “Resolution” column that we can use to record comments once an idea has been resolved in some way. Thanks for the idea :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answers