Sovryn "Marketing" Sucks. That ends now

Sovryn ‘marketing’ currently sucks. This is inexcusable and must change now.

Our project and its contributors have built a unique, powerful, secure, and easy to use system. Sovryn keeps executing and delivering complex systems at unmatched speed. Yet the people who are working so hard are not getting anywhere near the credit they deserve. The project is not getting anywhere near the attention it should.

I am frustrated. We all are. So we are implementing immediate changes:

  1. As of now, I will be taking the role of Adoption overall lead.
  2. The Gimp and Scottie G will each lead the marketing and community teams respectively.
  3. People who were on the adoption team - who were not delivering - are relieved of their duties.
  4. We are putting together a clear plan of action to reboot the entire Adoption team and its strategy.
  5. From this point on, all members of the Adoption team will have clear and measurable accountability to performance targets they must meet.
  6. We will have a Town Hall next week, Friday to present this plan. No more delays are acceptable.

Over the next three months we will transform Sovryn Adoption to match the speed and excellence of Sovryn Dev. This effort will be named Operation Champion.

Between now and the Town Hall we will post further updates to this thread, including how you can join Operation Champion.

Operation Champion is a go. Forwards!


These are absolutely the words and taking control we have been waiting for. I wish you good luck and succes in your new role and with operation champion Yago. I have full trust you will steer this in the right direction.


This is great to hear! If the marketing quality ends up matching the developer quality we are in for a ride! And do not hesitate to involve the community in initiatives that can benefit from this. You have great support just waiting to be utilized.


great news Yago. this is what we are waiting for.
however i do believe we as a community are also part in this succes!

like every post
retweet every post
get the word out
be active

we have to come from far, but i’m sure we as a community can make the difference


Yago, thanks for sharing what all of us have been waiting to hear for almost 6-8 month now. I am pretty sure everyone is going to be looking forward an initiative that will brign the attention this team and project always deserved, it was just too painful to watch on the sidelines some of the least deserving project receiving attention and praise while Sovryn was basically unnoticed, underestimated, often misunderstood and certainly undervalued!!


It’s great to see our leaders step up when needed. I do have minor concern that Yago is taking on too big of a burden. I’d prefer this to be a temporary role at most and we look to hire on an experienced adoption/marketing lead.

Information on if we have any candidates and that plan would be great.


While I agree with you that we can all do our bit, that only isn’t gonna cut it and we know it.
We need a full blown marketing campaign and hopefully all the new updates are audited on time and can be enabled on Mainnet while Sovryn teach the world about Sovryn. Also the platform needs to be simple and easy to use when it is presented to the mass.

I am happy to read your post @yago. Sovryn needs to step up, but yesterday. The clock is ticking and long term investors lose trust in Sovryn - reflecting on the price that is now below the Origins sale price. This is alarming and I really hope that we can turn the tide here.

Looking forward to see the acts of these true words spoken. Thank you.


Yago, you are great and the community loves your passion and efforts you have invested into Sovryn. I am more than excited you have taken the Adoption role, but you currently have a lot on your plate. Hopefully it will be just temporary. As you are a human being just like everyone else in the community.


I don’t mean to come across as a hater. I’ve used Sovryn for almost a year now. I’m heavily (both time and financially) invested in other projects across the space and I must say that I disagree with the above description of Sovryn.

“Our project and its contributors have built a unique.”

  • As far as I understand most of the features are forks of popular products in the Ethereum space.
    And as for “DeFi on Bitcoin” I can already do that on Thorswap using NATIVE BITCOIN.

Easy to use

  • The front end app is very basic. The GUI is probably of the lowest quality that I’ve seen in the space (Solana, Avalanche, Terra, Fantom and even Cardano) both in terms of design principles, usability and speed.

Keeps executing and delivering complex systems at unmatched speed.

  • Zero has been taking ages. on Avalanche forked Liquity and finished their leverage trading product. The whole Origins / Mynt / FISH failures. Lots of worthless shitcoin pumping. And a Sovryn emission dumping the token to infinity.

What’s being marketed and described by Yago is not something I agree with.
What is actually being delivered? How’s the front end updates going? When is something useful coming out? I can already trade native ETH/BTC on Thorchain.

On the contrary I feel that there’s too much marketing and too little delivery.
I don’t see how Yago’s twitter spaces with Bitcoin profiles are helping and I don’t see him swooping in here to save the day will help the lack of delivery on promises from the team.

I would like to see the project succeed. But they really have to get their stuff together. Overdeliver instead of overpromise.


Imo there is definitely not enough marketing (or not aggressive enough).
I do however agree with the other points you make.

For me the community/userbase must grow massively and as said before it needs to happen yesterday… Good products alone won’t do the trick.

People don’t know about Sovryn and RSK.
And if they hear about it through a twitter space or something, they aren’t curious enough to go and check it out and try it out for a while.


i fully agree with you. full blown marketing campaign is absolutely needed. but when it does, we need to do our work as well.

at this moment, there not enough response from the community.
every post has maybe a couple of retweets and likes. this should be the tenfold at least.
that’s were we as community should be strongholders.


I think it is admirable that you @yago are taking on this burden. It is a massive task , but somehow it feels like you are understanding this project best.
I also feel like you are taking too much on your shoulders.

I wish I had the skills to contribute more.

You are the glue that is holding this project together, without your contribution Sovryn would disintegrate.
No pressure!


To succeed in this, I see there being the need for a role of Delivery Manager.
Ideally this would be a single responsibility to focus on.

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All hyperbole aside, THORChain was hacked twice in one week: I wouldn’t deem this befitting even a degen-tier ‘bronze standard’, much less (digital) gold.


On the back of the Analytics and Adoption conversations I’d like to propose that we acknowledge the following user segmentation which will allow us to target each segment with more accurate marketing.

Level 0

With just over 4% of the global cryptocurrency adoption (300m people who declare they own some crypto) and about 1.7% of those (5m) using DeFi, we need to focus on education.

Our users come from different backgrounds - some are fluent in using different defi protocols and come to Sovryn because they believe in Bitcoin.

However… We run on Rootstock which requires some level of onboarding which to some people will be a barrier because almost nobody outside of Sovryn is using it.

It would be easier for Sovryn to grow if it shared the chain with other defi projects for which people configured their wallets long ago and don’t need to do it again for Rootstock because they want to try Sovryn.

All we need is any popular EVM compatible blockchain with fast and cheap transactions and a vibrant enough community (i.e. smartBCH, Polygon, Harmony, Avalanche, Gnosis, etc… ).

Level 1

We need to educate people - make tutorials showing how to make basic transactions such as buy, swap, stake & yield farm.

Explain SOV tokenomics and vesting mechanisms.

Level 2

This is for users who already have enough financial knowledge and understanding of how to use all features like spot trading, margin trading with confidence.

Level 3

This would be advanced defi tools like lend, borrow, Zero, limit orders, perpetuals which by default would be locked for entry level users who haven’t bought any RBTC/SOVs before.

By unlocking functionality and gamifying the experience we are likely to attract more loyal users.

Furthermore the segmentation above would allow us to effectively use Analytics tools and identify how many users we have at each Level as well as which products are used most/least.


There were exploits with some ERC20 tokens, yes, but never on BTC/ETH pools. They were in beta and now theyre going into prod with around 155 validators, 800m TVL and more security audits. Seamless hard fork just the other day. I hope it doesn’t get hacked again. UST integration coming within a week or two (let’s see these guys deliver what they promise).
Take a look at their data for yourself:

Also, this is how I expect a dApp to look like in 2022.

But the topic should be about Sovryn and what it’s accomplished so far. It seem the solution to “the problem” is more marketing. Errr, the problem is the product, not the marketing.

Sovryn has an awesome art designer and their own rapper, weekly community calls, and Edan Yago sweet talking people on Twitter Spaces. They have sent out surveys trying to gain more understanding on their users. Still, hasn’t attracted people yet. The APY’s are low and payed out in a depreciating coin. The dApp looks dated and basic. The dApp doesn’t provide much value to neither Bitcoiners or Altcoiners at its current state.

Has nothing to do with marketing. Good products market themselves.


first please make all frontends background white. including this forum, wiki, etc


Good products don’t market themselves (maybe there are a few exceptions). Without a community/users, a good product goes nowhere and will be surpassed by competitors which will make it obsolete. So yes better marketing will be a part of the solution.


I second this motion and I’m glad Yago has taken the bull by the horns.

Our job will be to collaborate promoting SOVRYN as much as possible, with a positive attitude, participating in every campaign, re tweeting, publishing about it in social media, asking more YouTubers to talk about our project, etc.

Greetings and best wishes SOVRYNauts!


Yago, I guess the first and greatest thing that has happened here is that the current position has been recognised and acknowledged.

However, I think what will transpire from this is a knee jerk reaction and you will repeat what has happened, but wearing different clothes.

Some simple questions:

Who is the target market?
What is the proposition and message to this target market?
Does the usage experience live up to the proposition/message?

Once these 3 questions have been honestly answered, will the answers deliver the expectations? They need to be deeply interrogated and possibly re visited?

At the moment, one gets a sense that Sovryn is making a big noise (shooting off with a shotgun) but to the same audience - we just making a big noise amongst ourselves and because there is a noise, every one is bullshitting themselves.

Sovryn fundamentally is one of many similar offerings at the moment, there is absolute truth in what redshad0ww has to say, Sovryn does not stand out, it has no brand, there is no consistency, you have a million people shouting a million messages, its all over the place, its a noise, it’s intimidating/confusing to those outside of the community.

What justifies these comments - the value of the Sovryn token. People have lost interest, see no value in it - its just another option. There is only one scoreboard, the value of the token and the market will judge that for you and they have spoken - are speaking - very loudly.

There is potential, but its hidden, locked away and kept amongst the community and the community only has so many family and friends… and I believe they have been exhausted, but this is all perception as I see it.

Its fixable, but a proper plan has to be put in place, from top to bottom with all aspects covered. A very daunting task, but if you want to stand out - be number 1, if this is not done, you won’t get there by accident - you have to establish this plan, go through the pain - then stick to the execution relentlessly with no deviation. Some people will get off the bus (fighting, some easily), others get on, that’s OK, but this is what Sovryn needs before you speak one more message out there to anyone.

Hope this helps

A Sovryn Old Timer