BCW DAO Introduction

Greetings SOV Community, on behalf of the people who are part of the BCW DAO group I present the DAO strategy for Sovryn. BCW DAO is consisted of people who are early Sovryn supporters, and their goal is to see Sovryn become the No1 destination for Bitcoin DeFi space. There are several people who prepared the foundation for advertising, including the Sovryns website and there is also community merchandise investigation. I believe now that any past tensions are calmed down (I hope) it is a good moment to bring this up.

Before many months Yago agreed to allow BCW DAO a budget that will be dedicated for marketing purposes. Upon internal voting, it was decided to dedicate huge part of that budget (90%) to advertising. The person who is going to manage this is PantheraPardus.


Growing the Sovryn user base and $SOV hodler base instantly to grow $SOV price appreciation instantly


• wannabe crypto millionaires and aspiring Bitcoin maxis

who resemble a mentality / mindset group known as “Social climbers”, who are amongst others:

• individualists with a fascination for social status, new technology and risk

• materialistic with the ideal to be rich

• ambitious to be free from traditions and obligations

• open to innovation and change

• often young, particularly the group up to 34 years is strongly represented

• more often male than female

• impulse buyers who want to fit in, and want to try new things

Preferred communication style and tone-of-voice of social climbers:

• direct and in-your-face

• fast and concise information on key points

• no-nonsense

• inviting and convincing

• excitement, escapism, status, greed

• personal and individualistic (What’s in it for me?)


Paid ads to targeted Telegram channels with cryptocurrencies as their subject and with English as their working language. These Telegram Ads land on our own Sovryns.com website. (And btw, Twitter Ads allow for targeting crypto folks, but prohibit advertising crypto.)

We present Sovryns.com as an unofficial and anonymous Sovryn community, and a non-BCW (!) community. This allows us to deliver a whole different message at a whole different tone for short term action, but aimed at longer term effects. But hey, for final conversions, we’re still dependent on the Sovryn dApp its UI/UX and all.

Important Clarification: All the above and much more will begin when the agreed budget, that is agreed to be handed every quarter, is received.

Important Clarification: DAO will consider to open its doors in the future if there is interest from the community to be part of it. Those NFT’s look really cool.


I really like the logo you guys created. I definitely see the potential to create a story, culture and community around this Sovryns anonymous idea which can help push sovryn forward. Will need to get myself one of those baseball caps :billed_cap:.

“Satoshi started the monetary revolution with bitcoin, Sovryns now starting the financial revolution with Sovryn”

Happy to help with anything, just DM in discord or telegram.


Hey Matt, I guess we just met in the Trading Dojo as well. Please contact me at my TG if you would be happy to participate in our efforts. I’m NN over there, Nomen Nescio.

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Can you ensure analytics are setup on the website and marketing channels if not already? That would be very beneficial to share as things progress. Might be helpful to share an example of what is being tracked currently. This way we have some measurable stats.



The Telegram Ads platform provides its own statistics and we’ve set up Google Analytics on the Sovryns.com website including custom events for tracking all outgoing links to the official Sovryn domains. We can share automated email reports with the Sovryn team covering the key default and custom metrics on a daily and/or weekly basis.


@SOV_HOOLIGAN and @Panthera_Pardus I wholeheartedly welcome your initiative!

Building on @dseroy points, I’d be keen to learn from which pockets (DEXs on other L1 and so on) of crypto new degens are coming to Sovryn and then how they use the D’App (more interested into trading or staking etc.)

Your target audience demographic and user experience will provide vital feedback for Sovryn. It seems to me that wallet count, Twitter followers, TG subscribers, TVL etc. has somewhat entered some stasis for months now - and where the ‘purists’ as I think you call us might not be as open-minded as we could be. The next level of adoption will be different people and it’s important to learn who they are and what they want.


Just an idea after listening to Vasili on the community call yesterday. A great possible way to bring on new users would be from the BNB chain communities as Sovryn Perps V1 is launching on BNB chain (planned for July) and that Vasili confirmed a BNB investor is willing to cooperate on marketing efforts.

Advertisements in BNB communities such as pancake-swap DEX (2 million users) on telegram (86,000 members) groups may be effective. Or any connections to BNB projects maybe worthwhile pursuing.

Create a “Bitcoin DeFi on BNB chain” narrative. I think this could get the binance community excited and help increase number of traders on perps and become a sovryn community member.

Of course I fully understand this is easier said than done.


LMAO this website is full of shit. almost everything is a lie are you fucking serious?

Alright, let’s get something clear. Despite I appreciate all comments, even the ones that I want to release the beast and reply a wango bango style. This is what the strategy of DAO is. Even if it might sound ‘‘undemocratic’’ to you, I would prefer to not have a very extended discussion. It is not that I don’t value the community’s opinion. On the contrary, it is very helpful, and I would encourage everyone who is so keen to engage to be part of the DAO in the future. For now, would prefer to see this sorted as soon as possible, GOOD or BAD outcome for this post. I have a look at other SIP discussions, some of them are 2-3 months here. I wouldn’t like to see such a delay here. Also, I wouldn’t call this post a SIP, but if there is a need for a vote, I am happy to see it going for a vote and let the community decide what is the best action.


Can you please specify what you mean by ‘lie’. Based on my understanding of Sovryn the Sovryns narrative, while not my cuppa tea in tone and style, hits on a few really important points addressing a new target audience that “we” clearly are either too lazy, arrogant or blind to engage.

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In principle I think this is a good idea! W/o knowing much about BNB community, any community that is legit, has been around for a while and has serious trading volume is good for Sovryn. If we don’t like being listed on CEX for ideological reasons, got it. We still partners outside our little island and Pancake Swap as a DEX sounds “good enough for now, save enough to try” for me right now.

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@yago are we good to go with this as a SIP for community vote or to get permission for the funds from the Exchequer?


BCW’s influence in reaching users should not be underestimated.


The website is extremely poor and looks like a scam. Although the above target audience might be addressed, I see the danger that more important targeted groups will be suspicious of us as a result.

I hope the exchequer does not provide funds. If it comes to a SIP, I would vote against it.

Further, I don’t think now is the time to set short-term price targets. Rather, Sovryn needs to show that it can do exactly one thing in difficult market situations: Operate safely. If all the Shitcoins go down the drain, there will still be Bitcoin and Bitcoin Defi in the end. That will drive enough attention.


BCW being insulting to the team on telegram and their short term outlook. Probably not the best group to stay in touch with and to trust with the Sovryn DAO funds.

Can you provide evidence that people from the DAO have been insulting to Sovryn? Criticized yes, multiple times. But never insulted anyone in the chats? At least the people i personally speak with on DAO on discord, where also members of Sovryn team in who are there can confirm it. They put effort to create something and they will send insult to your chats? If they did that they must have plenty of time to waste. Maybe people will say the same about me and for what I did until now. So be it.

I am also very annoyed in terms of the price action. Anyone who would say the opposite is a troll. But personally I see this as an effort to improve traffic on the platform and therefore higher attention along with rewards for stakers/price. If Sovryn wants to achieve what it wants to achieve then in the bear market will have to put effort and raise attention. And this is my opinion. I know some do not like it, I respect it and I expect them to respect my opinion back. Is that too much to ask today? Maybe.


Ever looked at the official website and its contents? If so, please reply again.

Okay, and if s/he would be a BCW member, you intend to lock us out as a group?

Just a reminder for everyone, the purpose of this post is not to continue any telegram discussion between people from BCW and other community people. If people want to do such a thing I am sure you will find big audience in the telegram chats.

I was criticizing your page that shows laser eye pomp and promises the next 100x gem “without shitcoin risks”.

We are not talking about the Sovryn site if that’s what you are referring to, we are talking about whether you get SOV funds for promoting this site. Pointing the finger at others is not a good way to deal with criticism.

Do you have an answer to my concerns that this website looks scammy and might drive away other investor types that do not fit this narrative?

Do you think after recent crypto events with scams blowing up left and right, something like your homepage fits for the bitcoin DeFi narrative which is supposed to be safer and more robust than it’s competitors?

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why would it be scammy when it refers to / clicks through to the genuine SOV site. Its just a sounding board, an attempt to get more awareness and users. Crypto land is full of scams, nothing new, no scam site refers people through to the original site…

It has been created like this on purpose as its not to replicate or compete with SOV site, it must be sub SOV standard and it must be clear that it is a 3rd party promoting the SOV platform, its a un official fan club, if you will,

Lets all try and remain constructive as well with the common course in mind at all times - promoting SOV.

Bear market, so what, life carries on, cant stop, its only bear if you sell otherwise its a paper entry, everything is cyclic, will be bull, now is a good time to buy maybe… We need to keep going, through the storms as well, not just the fair weather…

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