Sovryn Marketing - Town Hall Follow-on Discussions

Greetings Sovryns.

This post serves as a discussion hub for Sovryn Marketing, following on from the Town Hall call last Friday. We can concentrate community feedback, ideas and requests here going forward.

Watch the call back on YouTube
Or listen back on Spotify
Read through the Slide Deck

The next Town Hall call will be on Tuesday 19th April 2022 at 4pm UTC in Discord and will focus on Branding. There will be an update on re-brand progress with Pattern, showcasing some of the directions and designs Sovryn will be taking, and requesting community input on what we think could be the paths forward. You can set a reminder on Youtube to make sure you don’t miss it.

Any updates before and after the next call from me or others in the team will be made to this forum post. I encourage all Sovryns to share any and all input :pray:

Stay Sovryn



i think the town hall was good and i’m looking forward to see this data-driven strategy develop. There’s 1 thing i’d like to add with regard to marketing: We are competing with the crypto and token industry and token price has the biggest influence, whether we like that or not.

If you have a great marketing strategy and get many people to look at Sovryn, their reaction towards Sovryn will often depend on the price of the SOV token.
By the time new products/beta kick off, we should achieve a token price that’s at least stable and not constantly going down. This leads to bad sentiment and will destroy all the amazing efforts that the Sovryn team puts in. I’d go as far as saying if we start broader adoption too early, more attention could be counter-productive with recent developments.

Mayhem is amazing and the actions that were presented are too, but a lot of community members seem to be on a depression trip. I really do not want to sound like other recent users on this forum, but i do believe the SOV price is a real thing to consider for marketing and just wanted to share this as i missed it in the presentation.

You rock, stay Sovryn.


Good point Sacro, I think you are spot on. Many of us are focused on the larger picture and the long term of what Sovryn could be and that is amazing!
But I have noticed a sense of gloom in the TG groups and a rising level of complaints about the toke price.
When I make my videos and have conversations abut Sovryn with other people the token price is the first thing they look at, and at the moment it is definitely hurting.

It’s a tricky balance though as you can’t jeopardize the long term vision for short term value gain… But it is something to be considered.

As someone that is making a lot of effort to add value to the Sovryn community I am very much looking forward to the “Operation Champion” and to see what more I can do to help Sovryn be what we all think it can be, and I hope that with a more engaged community all this issues can be solved.

Thanks for all your hard work,
Stay Sovryn!!!

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