D Man's Glorious Idea For Sovryn

Sovryn idea is beautiful.

Defi on Bitcoin.

Imagine hundreds of new members daily, using the fast, bitmex-like UX exchange where every SOV holder gets a fee share.

Team works on developing and implementing features nowhere seen, not even outside-bitcoin-defis like ETH, sol etc…

simplicity and community love naturally marketing everything…



Now get back to reality.

Imagine a horse.

a stallion. Racing one… one sheikhs pay MILLIONS for…
Stallion that can out gallop pretty much every horse out there…

And now put a fucking 300 pounds fat woman on top of that stallion, and take it to a race.

What chances does that stallion has against slim and in good shape jockeys?

Why are people not betting on that stallion?

Why it has no support?

Is it because the beautiful animal is not magnificent… or is it because the cheeseburger sauce is still dripping from the mouth of the 300 pound jockey on top of it?

That unfortunate super weight in Sovryn is its tokenomics.

For every token money-paid, there is too many tokens that dilute that worth.

And this pains me.

Another thing that pains me is that I led my community to hold united even in series of Sovryn troubles believing that the leadership is willing to not just ass-fuck that horse, but to also feed and nurture it a bit by sharing the sacrifice themselves… let’s say average jockey weight is 108 pounds and this stallion’s jockey has 308 pounds… if he shares a bit of sacrifice with the stallion, and drops down to 208, it gives stallion a fighting chance… or 158… he will be heavier, but still, the strength of this stallion will manage to carry it on… however when I realized the Sovryn leadership, Yago, doesn’t want to share the sacrifice with you, the community… it saddens me to see a such beautiful animal run on the sidelines with super heavy jockey… waiting for age to eat it alive.

Same happened with BZRX.

It was a beautiful project at invention.

At 2018… when the futures just started out by BitMEX, it was the FIRST project to propose a decentralized futures trading… I immediately supported the idea. The team was legit, idea support-worthy… just the leadership incapable of developing at pace. 2018, 2019,2020,2021 passed and the project was still not fully and properly launched, guess what happened?

Dydx came, competitors came, crushed BZRX into oblivion… the head start vanished, and the biggest news in 2 years for bzrx = rebrand to ooki.

I see the pattern repeat in Sovryn.

Leadership is full of excuses. They lie.
They said “it’s normal because it’s complex project” only later to see the team falling apart for the second time. People abandoning Yago.

At first I too listened to his stories. I too believed it. Because I saw a visionary whose idea it is.

But tell me what’s so special about the idea?

let’s make a defi on bitcoin. This phrase is coined by me by the way. First. Taken on by Sovryn.
Other edge is Yago is since early days of BTC so I liked it.
The thing I loved is since pre-sale days he asked the community for everything, I participated on one of the first governance calls etc.

It took me months, year+ to realize… the pattern.
Yago sweet talks you, only to do later what he wants.

SIX TIMES hurting Sovryn!

Six times I informed him of critical events with which he agreed on the phone yet to do his own way.

Uniswap being the latest.
I told when we were at $80-ish per SOV, brother, you are not on any other exchange now, it forces people to use your still-complicated system to buy the token, let’s keep it this way until you simplify the system… no… again, greed made it happen, uniswap bots got plugged in, people started dumping and the sov-btc peg was lost (1000 for 1 sov if someone remembers).

I would so much more appreciate if someone would directly tell me: “hey man, let me lead my thing my way, and I will not do it”, than sugar coating things only to make you like a fool.

At least 30 times over the year I told or mentioned Yago he should truly listen to the community.

It tells you a real character of a person when they raise capital and they don’t care about missed deadlines and everything.

Sovryn at start missed communication.

Every deadline missed requires a heavy apology!

Because deadlines are NOT ok to be missed. The excuse is not “it’s a complex project”.
It’s your promise to the community.

Why I did this community intervention to Sovryn now?

Because Sovryn is now a 6 year old dog… still have time to be in his prime, at peak of his strength, but it’s the LAST TIME… last call… if it doesn’t happen, it will be eaten alive by newer, more community-caring, less-greedy-tokenomics project.

What’s about Sovryn so special that can’t be taken by some fast-developing team, copied and built upon? Simply. Fast. Effectively.

I want Sovryn to succeed. And it hurts me as I see where it was going.

I want the first thing to see on live.sovryn.app the roadmap, interactive roadmap with status and dates which are accountable. If any deadline is missed, I want an immediate comment below it on the UPDATE, and the new deadline).

I want honesty and the proper focus of the team.

And maybe, someone, realizes, they have a friend here!

D Man


love it, let’s hear the honesty. As you said, we DO NOT need sugar coated answer and promises. Problem needs to be solved, for the best of SOV. We all agreed on it, so lets do it.


love your analogies, they always make me laugh.

to the rest: :heart:
I hope you will be heard,
and not again seen as the disrupter but for what you came for, getting sov out of the shitter.


We have a lot of discussion about the (immediate) future of Sovryn. I think we all see the potential, but do we all see the crossroad where we are waiting at the moment.

It isn’t about the voice, but it is about the message that is giving. And if I read the message then I totally agree with D man.

The man is shouting to be heard. As long as he is shouting he believes in this project and will do whatever is in his power to take the right track at this crosspoint.
As long as we are complaining we still believe. You should be afraid if there is silence.

Let’s do this together. Stay Sovryn.


Real talk D!

With this message you show them as gentD Man, that you have good reasoning. I truly hope that Sovryn can see you as their ally and friend.

Let’s take that fat chick jockey by the cushion and make it more attractive for the pushin!

Together stay Sovryn :fire::fire::fire:


I cannot argue with any of this, great overview of where we are. A rocket needs to be lit under the project and feedback taken on board, the project is not progressing enough at this time and there needs to be hard questions asked at the top of the project.
Still not many people know or care about the project. Things need to change and fast.



D Man is right.

The amount of attention Sovryn will raise world wide; if - the user interface is effective and responsive. Forget aesthetics, that can be worked on during the upcoming bare market.

If the Sovryn Platform can allow 3 BTC deposit. It should also allow, 3 BTC removal per a transaction. Each currency, MYNT, FISH, SOV & ZERO should have a “Buy Now” tab, that takes you to a BTC QR Code. Once the deposit has arrived. The platform should automatically enter the BTC deposted into the respective currency (I.e. MYNT, FISH, SOV). No swapping required. Having to swap adds addtional confusion for new users. The home page, should be synced with Liquality Wallet, seed phrases, connecting straight to the DAPP with a successful message popping up on the screen to tell the new user everything is done. The new user should ONLY have to click next, next, next, next. Leaving any possible mistakes out.

Lastly, burning :fire: supply will instantly raise the floor of the Sovryn token. Causing an instant euphoric rush, to old users, new users, and window watchers. You will have an opportunity to reach $100, $200, $300, $400 USD per an SOV when Bitcoin reaches $100,000 USD this year.

Once the dust settles, as we enter the bare market. Sovryn will be the name EVERYONE remembers. As you continue to build Sovryn, more and more new investors will join, remembering the experience they had during the bull market + gaining fees that are distributed by the protocol to Sovryn holders. “Reflections”

If you decide not to burn tokens, which is the most effective way to get the party started. Consider locking up tokens for seven years instead of ten, this will build investors confidence, not having to worry about the team dumping on them this bull cycle or the next.

Not to mention, if you decided to release BREAKING news to the community by stating you’re now going to add the ZERO smart contract to the Sovryn token. Users will need to purchase Sovryn to participate with 0% loans, while earning exchange fees in SOV from each buy/sell on the Platform.

That would be ROCKET :rocket: fuel for Sovryn.
Users not only have a reason to hold the Sovryn token, but it now has mass utility i.e. ZERO & SOV coming together as ONE.

You can forget about a $400 USD SOV token, because it would be worth $1,000 USD by 2023.

Stay Sovryn :fire:


I fully agree on that. Sovryn’s survival depends on this idea of a tokenomics reform.

Sovryn has been my number one investment this year and I have DCA with other benefits made elsewhere, everytime I could.

But this project is about to die!

The amount of tokens is a big handicap. Ok some said that it was like that at the start, and we invested knowing it. But at this time it seemed that the project was so good that it could crush this flaw easily.

Now everyone sees clearly that it is not the case and the actual price reflect the lack of confidence. The project is far from a mass adoption and does not take off. At crossroads between life and death, this handicap is the number one priority to resolve.

I don’t think Yago’s SIP project to bring more VCs money in by let them enter at a lower price than the market is a right way to do. It is a disrespect for the community. If VCs wants to step in, can’t they buy on the market and reward the holders at the same time, by increasing the price??

All these tokens from the funds, reserved for VC or other, has to be burned and disappear from the tokenomics.

The SOV for staking rewards too! Some people are very attached to their rewards in SOV. But they have to become aware that again, it is more SOV coming on the market and a price going down at every release. The rewards could be distributed in other tokens or coins like BTC, USDT or other, as long as it does not affect SOV anymore. Then the reward fund could be burned.

For the team tokens, the team could WILLINGLY choose to burn 50% of it. Yago said that team has 25% of the tokens. It is 25M SOV, $75M in value now. If they willing to burn 12.5M SOV, and combined with the other measures, this makes the price climbs to $100. They will have $1.25 BILLION. If they REALLY trust in the project like they said, it should be a no brainer for them.

With the disappearance of the funds, rewards, and 50% of the team tokens, how many % less tokens would we arrive at? maybe 60%?

At this hour, it is a matter of surviving with the bear times that comes.


I love this post.
The analogy fits.
And this quote above may be the most important part for people to understand, and Yago can play a huge and decisive part in it, and unify the community again.
I asked Yago in the other sip if he thought bcw was pump&dump group, never got a response.
I obviously think not, but any bcw members saying that won’t change anything with other members that already made up their mind that it is.
But Yago could change their opinion. After talking privately about everything Sovryn with Dman for a year, he should know what Dman or bcw is, better than anyone else in here.

What do you say Yago? Can we start on a road to recovery, and make a first step with unifying the community, and get at least that out of the way, and see where unity gets us then?


I read this with hope.
Hope that everyone sees how true this analogy is.
This is a major cry for change in support of the project we all believe in .
For some time now I see other projects picking up the pieces that Sovryn let fall.
Do we want to be the best or have we become so self esteemed that we only care about telling that we are the best, that we were the first, … Not me. I am not important, my project is.
I want to fight for what I believe in, even if it hurts.
Every true Sovryner should support this open and supportive post. Some ugly things have been said in the past days. True character is to be recognised by leaving the past in the past and aim for the future.
This is about Sovryn.
We want to make SOVRYN great again? Bullshit.
SOVRYN is great.
But are we?

I hope it.
a wuulf


This comment here describes what community would really need and it also explains why. If executed right, Sovryn community will become absolutely massive in long term. Hear hear! :100:


The Sovryn narrative is like the best, most beautiful thing I’ve engaged with so far in crypto spheres, it’s almost like a fairytale. And I’d really love this fairytale to become a reality. But there’s some heavy road blocks in its path: like tokenomics, token value/appreciation, and noob friendliness amongst others.

I feel us Sovryns, us believers, we’re stuck for some while now. Still some little market time left, but last time afaic as markets adopt fast. Could anyone please enlighten me with any significant development or update in the past weeks or even months that would proof growth of the user base or even keeping our existing community satisfied, or even any attempt to do so?

Because looking at the current Development Roadmap and Marketing Town Hall presentations, I’d rather wanna cry. All like testing, preparing whatever…, no milestones, no deliverables, not even mentioning any true colors… So yet some more Quarters respectively Months, if ever executed, if executed properly at all…? Really?

What might bothers me most is the seemingly blind faith of so many community members. Well, if that’d really the case, than I’m out as well…


Well, if you feel like that why not just go and bet on the other horses and leave the 300 pounds horse alone if the horse must carry 300 pounds, let it be, just be gone, and gone.

Token burning to satisfy your exclusive greed is something we don’t need, and if you and your VIP followers can’t take a 99.99% price drop you are not welcome here or needed.

I am willing to see a 99.99% price lost, and I am willing to see all of your followers and you go away. 100 million total supply is just the right amount even if that means the first 3 years it will be hard on price.

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You don’t really get it i think. As a project with huge ambitions you don’t have an unlimited amount of time or money. You need the momentum every time as a stepping stone. You need investors. The money we threw in will be one day used up. You think you’re doing a great, even worldchanging job, but you don’t realise you’re stuck in an ever narrower circle untill it’s too late. And all remains is a dream. And some circlejerkers.


Hi Francis.
I like your commitment if not only…
Sit and wait in belief will not help us in these times I am afraid.
Overreacting neither.
In these posts I read nothing but commitment as in yours.
We all want a positive outcome. Greed is such an easy label. Is this really the only thing you could see in it?
If patience does not equals laziness then action should not be confused with greed.


From all people replying last couple days, trying to give their constructive opinion on how to go forward with this, showing true love for Sovryn, I see your writing here by far as most toxic comment I have been reading around the forum in days!

To me this is a big F You to a lot of Sovryns, but hey have your opinion. We are one community and we are not going anywhere. We are here to see Sovryn succeed and we willing to fight for it! You gonna fight with community or against it?

Care to tell us why you think this isn’t needed, instead of the kicking? Because if you act like this, we cannot have a conversation about it.

I am happy that this is not up to you :grin: So how about we discuss about the thing we love and you explain us why you think Sovryn will survive a 99.99% drop and bear market.

:100: Looking forward to read your constructive comment :v:t4::heart:

Stay Sovryn


I have to agree with D Man. I invest for more than the vision


This is why Bitcoiners don’t like proof of work or any DeFi project because they know that people don’t want to lose money, and some people think that just because they have invested, they have the right to dictate what the tokenomics will do. If Dman people bought and now are losing money, it is good for them and even better for everyone else because that means they bought at the wrong price and now must see their money lose value.

In the market, it can’t be only winners, and now Dman and his people must make an example of that, and if they can’t take a price drop, they all shouldn’t have invested in the first place.

Just because they are losing it doesn’t mean the tokenomic is wrong. It only means they bought at a bad price. If they want to see the price go up, they should buy more now that is cheap.

sovryn will have a 100m total supply, which means no token burning, which means those receiving rewards probably will continue to sell, but that their right, and in the future, they may regret that because eventually, the emission for stakers will be less and less.

Dman people should be buying happily because they are buying cheap.

I don’t understand why Dman and his people are complaining about it. It is about buying cheap and selling high. That is precisely what SOV provides a buying opportunity for those with enough brains to see that the emission won’t be the same forever.

token burning is just a gimmick and not worth it because eventually SOV emission will be less, so I would say buy up as much as possible and wait a couple of months.

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Token burning or a change on a total of 100m supply is not an option to satisfy people who can’t handle investing is a bad idea.

The token emission is just fine, the token rewards are just fine, and if people must sell, so let them be, and if people selling their tips make Dman’s profits go to zero, even better because maybe that way he thinks twice before advising third parties, and perhaps that way people learn that there is no Guru in this world only people willing to take your money.

Dman and his people should be happy that the price is going down because if they bought at $10 and now it is $1, they can buy ten times more. I genuinely don’t understand his complaining, and it isn’t supposed to buy low sell high. Well, right now, you can buy down later you will be able to sell high.

And by to way my account is down 70% and I am looking forward to a 99% price drop so that I can buy more.

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There’s something missing in your comment - you’re saying the present price is cheap and it’s a good buying opportunity.
And that is based on …? 'cause

  1. that’s already been said when the price was in the 30’s, and again when it was in the 20’s, and again in the 10’s, and right now SOV is priced at exactly 3 (three) dollars.
  2. this project’s evolution (or, better said, lack thereof) doesn’t make me believe that something vital is about to change so why do you think the two-months-from-now price will be any higher than now? Do you know something the general public doesn’t?

and be careful what you wish for - are you ready to bet on the recovery of a project which lost 99% of its value?

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