Sovryn project presentation

Hi all
Just thought id share my 2 SOV worth , that might help new soyrynauts get the point with regards to the SOV bonded tokens. I shared this in the Citadel TG group, but thought id might reach more of the Team by sharing it here as well.

My take on the tokens might be a bit laymanish, but i am sure you get my point. I am also adding the reply from Ward andHome as it provides a solution to my comment.



Jusst my 2 SOV… might be somthing to follow up on…

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this has been discussed many times on community calls and it is something that the team are indeed doing: A graphical presentation of how all these work.

Yago has also written a really good blog post about what Sovryn really is! Sovryn

There is also a videos on youtube about it!

There are insta posts about it!
There are tweets about it!

All the information is here it is just a matter of wanting to research.

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Fair enough.
I have heard Yago mention it, even in community calls, and i have been with Sovryn since April, but for a newcomer, this info should be more easy to find, maybe on the landing page of Sovryn wiki, maybe in an infovideo like they have made for variable features on the dapp. I did not mean its not there to find, i just beleive if it was in front of the fresh sovrynauts, we would have less questions in the TG, as this seems to be the topic for days … Maybe there could be a link below the get started with Sovryn on the dapp landing page, wich leads you to a page with all the videos and introduction material for Sovryn. I know many people will not read the full wiki, so the videos are great.

My comments above was meant to the people asking and complaining about the tokens. And my post here was meant to find a way to avoid these questions and complaints in the future. I am happy that the Team is working on this. It was in no way meant as critisism, just got tired of the same questions over and over agian in the TG.

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I think Malva - The Marketing Lead - Is really focused on this.

I have heard him many times describing what is in the works and making this sort of info available.

It is only about patience. These things need to be planed and done strategically and especially NOT rushed.

A lot has been built and we can see that the things that have been built did not have enough time in the spotlights and as a result we have this gap in undestanding Sovryn and also this huge gap between price and product value. It is absolutely necesary to allow the team the time and space to develop explain and promote.

BTW, there is a an updated whitepaper coming out in q1 that will probably explain all these and fill these gaps in undestanding Sovryn. Will also present the new participants with a general and updated view of Sovryn.

Looking Forwards to the New Year!

Happy Holidays!!


Thanks for this thread. As one of the admins in the sovryn chats. Its a common FAQ. e.g. “Why not just use SOV token for everything? Why do we need subtokens?”

I try my very best to explain how it scales governance, improves economic incentives for subprotocols, show them John Lights forum post on the bonding curve idea New utility for SOV: minting subprotocol tokens. I also send these screenshots to help users visualise the economic link between subtokens and SOV token.
IMAGE 2021-12-21 16:51:08

A suggestion for the new White Paper would be to clearly explain the purpose and benefits of SOV bonded tokens.