Abondening SOV holders is NOT an option

So there has been talk on discord about a new token that is unlinked to SOV for BitcoinOS.

The small die hard community has carried the project cheered for it worked for it everything abondening SOV holders here is an absolut no go. Narrative was always bringing Defi to Bitcoin we bought into that narrative finally we are getting somewhere with it. Team can not seriously think about abondening us to raise funds or for whatever reason now that we finally get traction,

But its not only “old” token holders and stakers its also those that buy into the project here right now with the new narrative. This will actually feel like a rug pull. Total loss of trust will follow. No matter how great the tech is people will just leave and hate on the project.

Team needs to make a strong statement here at this time that SOV will stay it might get ported 1:! but generally it will stay. and current and future SOV holders will keep their investment.

please team don’t screw this with greed at this point in time. Make a transparent clear announcement what going to happen to SOV in the future ASAP.


I am new to SOV. I find the vision of soveryn very interesting, maybe consistent with a politics of liberation. I do not yet know. But I am open to the idea. I just discovered it today. I am in agreement with interferenz that good faith and business ethics required that all founders, that is, all those already invested in SOV, remain constituents of the project such that their coin port over to any new issuance. Who are the main developers? What are their bios?


@Armando clarified in discord:

“the value accrued by BitcoinOS will be directed to SOV stakers. This was made clear on the community call. The mechanism by which this is accomplished needs to be decided by Bitocracy”

I am fine with that answer and consider this settled. I have no idea why team was so vague in that reply in the first place. Its still a bit vague and leaves a bit of wiggling room, but I suspect best intentions for all of the community and this was just bad communication.