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Posted this in telegram. Copy paste.

So my idea, as it relates to education and adoption. Can Sovryn build a platform. Not exactly sure how it would work but something like this. Can SOV create or someone build something on SOV with a coin or token tethered to $0.00 that can be minted at will by inputting a quantity and clicking a button?

Now this token would need to be on a closed system that operated on GAS or something in the valueless token. It would need to send to wallet address. Is something like that possible?

See. Everything we do in life we kinda go craw, walk, run. Due to safety concerns for humanity we tend to allow our young to operate in a bubble for many years before going out into the wild. They mess up a lot when they can, with parents watching over them. So we hope.

Then here comes the greatest form of money humans have ever known. Yeah yeah it’s easy look. You do this, you scan that, you click this, click that approve thing, poof, look at that see now it’s on my phone. Here, I’ll send it back. Ok, ya got it? Cool, remember stack sats…

As I know of, there is nothing like that out there. No “play area, zero risk area” once you’re in you’re in. One mistake and poof! The title to your house (NFT in a few years) is gone, IRA to some hacker, forgot my seed and never wrote it down.

Come on? Really! BITCOIN needs a “playground” where you can learn it without risk. Learn on a platform that doesn’t need someone to go to a community college computer lab on a closed system. Learn how to safely use a wallet and troubleshoot errors. The infrastructure is there, just need a valueless coin to interface with existing wallets on existing devices wherever there is an internet connection and a poof, you now just enabled every person on the planet to train themselves by giving them the tool ($0.00 coin) and enabling (empowering) them in turn to train the Planet.

Something that your imaginary 70 year old retired first grade teacher can just pickup, click a button on a website that says “test area no real currency clicking here” and engage a wallet with and play around with other wallets that also clicked that button?

I’m looking at it from someone with a non tech background. Some people, many people, have problems with VLOOKUP… Not sure they are going to pickup/embrace the future of money too easily —- adding this —- and trust me…., there is immense wealth and savings in people that do not know CTRL-C & V… As much of the messaging around bitcoin is banking the unbanked BUT no platform has an easy to access daap that allows for “play mode (fake money) / real mode (all sales are final). Back to copy paste. —-

I was just thinking about it and I remember that was the scariest part for me. The all sales are final part. If you messed up there isn’t any person in the world that can help you. There was no inching into it. Pretty scary the first time.

Just seems, in my experience with people, the major hurdle is getting that first account created with KYC for most exchanges. When facing the complexities of wallets and what not then to have to deal with all this KYC stuff for just $5.00 to play around???

(Comment back to someone saying liquidity is low on test nets)

Yeah. That’s where the valueless tokens came from on a closed system that ran on maybe just a few computers. Heck, create fake bitcoin that tracks actual bitcoin. A few fake coins that can’t leave the platform. Create liquidity pools. Basically something where I can go to Sovryn, click a button that says “playground” then when I click that I get a pop up that says “how much rBTC do you want” then approve and bam, 1,000 rBTC in my wallet, I can test out borrowing and lending and leverage and farming, etc.

Same exact concept as back in the day, not sure if they still have it, but when investopedia came out you could sign up for an account and they would give you $100,000 USD, play money when you logged in and you could play around, options, stocks, etc.

Click this button then you get a pop up waking you through establishing connection to testnet then just have something there where someone can click and poof they get their token to play on the fake side of the Sovryn interface not the grown up side where real money is

Create that. Let people use Sovryn as their easy to use training ground when introducing bitcoin to someone to the first time

That’s the long game… Take what’s already coded and create a sandbox with a fake coin inserted. Learn on Sovryn stay with Sovryn…

It is really really really hard in 55+ communities to get people to pay real transaction costs to “learn this new thing”. AND there is nothing that I know of that has “play mode/real mode”

That’s it. My rambled thoughts. Need a platform with a valueless token added that super easy to use, think grandma/grandpa, think unbanked, think uneducated, think if you were introduced to bitcoin for the first time and that was the first exposure in your life to advanced technology. Yes, I know communities of people that still pay all their bills with money order and have a flip phone.

—adding more copy paste discussion from dojo—

I applaud the initiative. Well done mate.

In my opinion, there’s no way going around “doing it right”.

Having testnets etc is already present… but where I fully agree what would be super helpful is like a “guided tour” with quick and also deep information (chose yourself how much you want/need to read up on specific task) and gamification of making desired actions.

You’re on to something! Can there be a way to tokenize education then somehow. Paid to Learn? Is that a thing yet?

Coinbase does it extensively (or did, don’t know now).
Cryptowatch does it… alongside so many others.

It gets you to learn the basics, use the platform, explore features, improve security, etc etc…

and you either earn points, tokens, $ whatever

Can you do those things on coinbase without KYC and get the coins/tokens?

What can someone do without KYC and without creating an account? No email. No name. A wallet address only to start and transact.

Isn’t it so that most people first put in like 100usd worth of btc to play with , it everything seems ok slowly the move more funds ? Isn’t that the same thing more or less then a learn to play ? Or am I missing something ?

Well that is until they start looking at tax laws and they’re like na… I’m good, I don’t want to play around with $100

I could envision to get points, or a few sats out of adoption fund or something like that to finish a guided tour starting from having a wallet to the full journey of makin trades, staking, lending, etc etc…

Ohhhh. Toss in like 0.25 SOV at the completion of each “lesson” each lesson building on itself. The foundation. Security. Sovryn. Wallet setup. Transactions. Scams. Etc etc.

BUT they can’t cash out during the lesson. They have to keep going through. Videos and what not. Time each lesson to take about 30-60 minutes of interactive time. At the end of each lesson they can see their accumulated SOV balance.

THEN at “graduation” they can cash out OR they can MAX stake their SOV back into the ecosystem.

We could have some quizes too from sovryn university wiki page: Sovryn Blockchain University | S O V R Y N

Have to set amount of SOV earned so low that nobody would sit through hours of videos and interactive crap to earn a paltry one-two SOV

genius idea would be great if @zivzi marketing team could get behind this, might get some more adoption from users looking for free SOV.

only issue i see is that people will make many wallets to take part

Have to set amount of SOV earned so low that nobody would sit through hours of videos and interactive crap to earn a paltry one-two SOV

No no. That’s why the accumulation per “module” is fake

It’s on the screen to the person doing it. It’s accumulating as each module goes by BUT it never actually generates a transaction until “graduation”.

That with lessons with prerecorded material dictating the time required per module

Whoever would generate wallets and interact with a lesson and answer random questions aiming for a passing score just for a little sov…

if some geniuses wanna go through all this hassles so many times… probs they really earned that 1 SOV

(additional benefit → analytics team got some juicy data to improve)

nice little user experience survey at the end, to help front end team improve UX

Now we’re developing an ecosystem

Money is solved. Satoshi did that. It ain’t going anywhere. You want people to adopt it?

Solve education! Flip the model on its head and get paid to learn how to be a Sovryn Individual.

Outside the box, ground up education and training for all. Not just the technology crowd.

Woooooo! If you get the educational on-ramp setup and built correctly you could flip the education model to where the educators providing the various instructions would be the ones contributing their SOV in order for their lesson plan to be included on the platform and you flip the model from “take on massive debt to learn” to “accumulate wealth to learn to start off better than I started with an education where I have freedom of choice through paid educational courses where I earn to learn. Higher education for all!

Now that’s Sovryn! Path to financial freedom started by participating in “paid to learn” funded in a decentralized method via the educators.

Shit education = no attendance….

Quality education = high attendance…

Economics aren’t rocket science

Shit! You just solved inner city school dropout rates with a few sats per student. 10 sats, or whatever small, per student, per year maybe starting out a path of learning for many years may not sound like much but imagine the unbanked and likely under educated participating in multi year educational programs where they earn just a little appreciating asset to make it worth their time. When they are done learning they have more purchasing power than when they started. OHHH then if they “staked” for another “semester, or module or smart contract or whatever” to foster generations of life long learning for generations and millennia.

Set the curve right and you get the incentives balanced you have self funded education that onboards people to the future of banking and money NOW

The curve can be fine tuned over time only through SIP, maybe? I guess?

Satoshi gave bitcoin to everyone. Free of charge. Nothing in return. Why can’t an educational model be built ON TOP of bitcoin which puts market balanced incentives on both educator and student vs the current system which forces most into contracts to pay debt and where those in “richer areas” get better education than 3rd world countries and other areas where there is no access to education. Wherever someone has access to transact with bitcoin they should also have access to interact with a smart contract educational model to achieve higher learning or basic learning for some at the same time they are becoming their own bank. Human civilization benefits from bitcoin. Human civilization benefits just as great when all the same people that have access to its decentralized currency ALSO have access to decentralized educational opportunities via Sovryn.

Heck, the SOV that educators have to provide up front in the educational smart contract/block of instruction (I like block of instruction better since the wording aligns with bitcoin) stays locked up or providing liquidity or something some mechanism for the duration of the semester, or block of instruction. Maybe calculate out the APY of locking the sov up for the duration of the course, like 432 bitcoin blocks or three months or whatever the time but have it to where the interest on the locked sov can’t unlock and pay until course completion AND 432 bitcoin blocks or whatever you preset the course duration for. But the interest on the sov or fees earned while locked go to an educational treasury of sorts which provides reserves and liquidity if needed.

Decentralized free education riding on top of the best decentralized currency?

Ok. So maybe not full scale global higher learning for all without going into debt before you can get ahead. How about basic financial education using wallets and daaps and stuff first. Start very small with proof of concept with digital financial learning from history (think interactive bitcoin standard for lesson plan). Then move on to wallets, cold, hot, browser, mainnet, testnet, seeds, backup, deleting wallet, restoring wallet (give “students” hands on validation that they can delete their wallet, lose it, get it stolen, whatever then restore it with these words… build trust and confidence in the security and let people build comfort in using brand new technology, blocks of learning about transaction fees, address reuse and on and on and on. Lessons toward many demographics; 0-8, 9-13, 14-17 & 18+ or something. Many don’t begin to learn about financial sovereignty until it’s too late. Bitcoin is easy to teach. It’s the custody and usage that people have fears of.

Anyway, rough idea. Might just be dumb idea that can’t scale and will trend to zero with no sustainable and balanced market for those seeking education and those seeking well educated workers from all different walks of the planet.

Call it LYRN (learn spelled differently) financial “blocks” of decentralized education to empower Sovryn Individuals

In many areas you need a license to demonstrate a basic level of skill set to drive a car but we now have the greatest asset for currency humans have ever known and there isn’t some introductory playground so that people and develop confidence and gain understanding in a controlled environment? You ain’t getting mass adoption until you get functional education out there targeted at all demographics.


you are on to something here

i read the whole thread on TG
need to process. might drop some ideas on a later moment

well done for starting this convo

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Some of the above was copy paste from different DM’s also.

Think about learning financial building “blocks” you wish you learned at age 8. If Only you had a self guided module that paid me. The block by itself is useless. Nothing. No token tied to it. A token only gets deposited upon “enrollment”. To prevent false enrollments put a fail safe, timeout. Say something like record block at enrollment then if 4.230 blocks on bitcoin are mined before graduation the contract expires and the “staked” SOV are “unstaked” or whatever.

Im positive it can be done. It’s creating the educational content that can be broken down into blocks with measured milestones and quizzes that validate human interaction with the time lock you prevent malicious “enrollment” to just lock up SOV until graduating the block… You can get creative incentives upon enrollment, basic random math assessment that generates random easy math questions that just keeps tossing random basic 1+3 type shit for five minutes before you can enroll.

Maybe can have an advanced level course on KYC with major exchange? Course walking through all the many on ramps and their risks? If you can build each course into small “block” formats they can be grouped into “learning chains” pretty easy and allow for self paced learning anywhere in the world where both content providers and students are incentivized in a balanced way to create the best ever learning blocks in a truly competitive environment where global students are picking their own educational path. Where content gets more and more creative every day. Build out that incentive structure with mobile/flexible self guided educational blocks and let content creators and the unbanked then create the market.

And what an easy proof of concept area to learn? Personal financial freedom educational courses? Any not by $1000 dollar a month paid YouTube content creators wanting to get you into their VIP $50,000 area or something?

No no. Basic courses on DeFi on wallets and yield farms blah blah blah, risks and rewards. Do that and use the module preset time that should be needed for completion to feed into a liquidity or lending pool to capture that semester in time for the locked SOV or something.

You want to generate deposits but not have to pay out to a person but keep the interest earned on active enrollments or use a portion to incentivize or boost other traffic somehow as dictated by SIP…

Can definitely be something. Start small.

Need the $0.00 token or easy hand walk animations guiding a 5-8 year old thorough, without words or language, animations and symbols mainly. Very plain and basic connecting to testnet with a real wallet and giving myself some fake coins who I can send to my friend I met on Reddit on the other side of earth who also just went through the same walkthrough with me so that we can both now continue through identical modules on “sending and receiving” and now we are sending rBTC back and forth. Wow! It’s working. Wow cool!

Heck! To further prevent malicious enrollment, build the blocks then to actually earn as a student the blocks have to be formed into a semester. Say something like 5 blocks makes up one semester. The suggested first semester could be listed:

  1. Downloading a wallet and setting up
  2. Connecting to testnet what is testnet/main net
  3. Printing testnet money
  4. Sending
  5. Receiving and safeguarding

Video, animations, whatever that can transcend language as much as practical to still get the basic tasks trained to where someone can feel really comfortable in their abilities as they progress into the future.

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Instead of a SOV reward pool for yield farming BNB or MYNT. We could use those funds a reward scheme for Sovryn Univeristy called “Pay to Learn Model” or “Learn to Earn” Model. Specifically focused onboarding novice users:
-This could include multiple choice quizes for the
-Playing with and using testnet tokens and playing on so novice users can have a trial run without risk of losing funds.
-Educational video walk throughs
-Rewards for completion of certain educational tasks, you will receive some vested SOV
-A user experience survey get more data for marketing/analytics team
-Education on financial system, Bitcoin/blockchain and DEFI.
-Rewarding users for trialing testnet

Credit to BrS for sparking this idea!!!

Yes! If you can access bitcoin you should be able to access basic education as well as advanced education later on where maybe you have to buy an NFT for attendance and the NFT ‘a are limited to an x number of student to available teacher ratio to answer questions or some shit. Figure the basics out and the rest can scale. Right now we have a a global education model that was built before the internet and before bitcoin that is pay to learn so we “stake” years of peoples early time in pay to learn when those are their most valuable years. If those years spent learning were staked until I grasped the subject and moved on through mastery… Wow! I would have finished the first 12 years of education way better off. Many people get basic education and end up in debt spending years trying to figure out what went wrong…

Well duh! We have a educational system that’s all fucked up built in the Industrial Age not thinking about the internet age and not thinking of money and being financially Sovryn through education.

The current educational model directly benefits from having you graduate and be in debt not able to leave the area you were educated in continually paying taxes into a failing education not able to get out.

Time for a redesign so that the basic concepts of money and bitcoin and earning blah blah blah are paid to learn where the students time is monetized through staking for the duration of the self guided lesson blocks.

Heck! Maybe toss in like an “earnings level up bar” or some shit that would show them the value of time and compounding of staking savings and what not so they can visualize throughout their educational journey through Sovryn University how much their vested or staked enrollment reward is growing by the week. So they can track their educational hours in terms of value over time and compounding.

Lol then if all the courses are able to somehow be recorded on chain somehow it would be pretty easy to validate someone’s resume or CV or whatever. Just scan the wallet address and you will see every module you ever took.

Want to drive TVL and traffic? Lock up, or stake, the time it takes to learn by providing valuable content that should be basic human knowledge in 1-5 years time. Content that is providing value. It drives adoption and education it also drives up TVL the better the education is. Get enough modules together to lock up six months, a year, ten years of someone’s time and that time is then represented in a staked coin…

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Stubbled onto this website but right away it gets into real money and KYC stuff. Poorly done website if the intent is to give someone the ability to click on a button on a website or click on an app and it starts a self paced guided/programmed interactive learning experience where I never gave up my identity and I was able to comfortably transact and get scammed by some script someone in the community writes that when clicked on drains your wallet on testnet. I was able to do all that myself with nobody around for miles to ask any questions.

Something like that in concept only. That fails the above intent.

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There is a testnet: and a faucet to get testnet coins:

The ultimate goal imo is to build a mainnet experience that doesn’t have a steep learning curve to use securely with confidence. That’s what I’m aiming for.