SOVRYN as Bridge for International FinTech?

I have been in FinTech for a long time and it seems to me that one adoption use case that benefits everyone is enabling direct onboarding and offboarding of value between international business units. Rather than cross border transfers, I can hold my own SOV and then send my money directly through localized systems (i.e. SEPA, Interlink,ACH etc) where immediate fiat is needed. My experience with exchanges has been great for certain crypto assets but access to fiat in minutes in both the US and EU (for example) is still either very expensive or very slow or both. It also seems like a group of independent entities could work together to be as effective as the multi-nationals without the need for corresponding bank relationships, no?

Perhaps someone has already solved this but I do not see it in the US. Thoughts?

BTW - Thanks to @exiledsurfer for his video with Posch that triggered this!

UPDATE: 3/6/2021 - just watched a video with @yago from Feb saying he already tried this in a previous business. I should clarify that, in this case, the same group of entrepreneurs OWN the bank licenses in these countries and were struggling with cross boarder corresponding relationships. Seems like a perfect match!

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