Question/Idea that might be silly

Hello, my name is Tomas. I am a crypto enthusiast, relatively new to the Soveryn platform and RSK ecosystem. I find the concept of Layer 2 or “sidechain” in BTC utterly fascinating. Seeing things like DEFI been built on top of Bitcoin is incredible!

My question is how far can it go? Can anything built on ETH or other smart contract protocols be replicated here?

I am not technical at all so maybe what I suggest is ridiculous. I’ve never been afraid to ask the dumb questions and look like a fool, so why stop now haha

Is it possible to, at some stage, begin building games on RSK? the “play to earn” space is growing incredibly fast. I even play on the elixir app and some games there reward BTC (I believe using the lightning network).

This could be a great way to expand the user base. To attract not only DEFI people, but gamers as well. There is some overlap between the two crowds, but there are lots of gamers who don’t know about DEFI. this could be another way to get to them.
Collectible card games seem to be a simple way to create a gaming ecosystem, something like splinterlands. Could this be built using SOV or RBTC as the in game currency?

Again… sorry if this is a stupid question, I just don’t know.
If so, I am a visual artist and personally know a few really good ones who would love to participate in such a project :slight_smile:


I am not very technical either but as far as I know the RSK is EVM compatible, so whatever has been built on Ethereum can be built on RSK and SOVRYN as well.

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thanks! that is what I thought as well… If it’s possible then… I wonder how long it will take before we start building other cool stuff like games and such… Very excited to be here to watch it all play out :slight_smile:

I think the team is working on roll ups at the moment. Reducing TX fees is the main priority and the right move.

Hey there Tomas, i would love to play games that reward it’s users with rBTC(<>BTC) directly or indirectly.

Since bitcoin is used as rewards i would expect the game to be relatively hard and one hell of a experience instead of some puny play-to-earn games out there. I think the only thing that can sustain a game will be interest of the people playing it, unlike say Defi protocols that can succeed by solving major problems, by having great game theory and tokenomics.

A decentralised game with a new technology that can provide better experience to the players accompanied by an truly open world experience with great graphics and a whole lot of interesting mysteries, missions etc… will be awesome and, what can makes it more awesome will be allowing players to do businesses, imitating monetary hierarchy and many real world phenomenons.

The Metaverse is what everyone is after, but i don’t see it succeeding without the security of bitcoin, without proper money which is also bitcoin and without allowing users universally.

Long way ahead… who am i kidding? Maybe someone is already building it. The rate at which things getting done is mind-blowing.

If anyone have the talent and waiting for some cue to start working on it then what i have to say to you is -

“You are the cue, now start gathering a team and build it, the time is now!”

Thanks for reading this folks, I am just really saying out a type of game that i will play. This game will be too much for me, but when i am bored i can hop in this Metaverse and play some arcade games in that stall in the corner of the Street 21, Bitcoin Avenue near Sovryn Building.


I like the idea myself. I just dont see the Sovryn core team doing this. I would see it more as something being launched on origins launchpad and being part of the Sovryn ecosystem. Maybe we could partner with Roblox, Fortnite, Rockstar etc. Some big game company that has not dived in crypto. Sovryn has a platform for the token they could use in game. The crypto side would be all setup for them to operate.

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