Children of Sovryn - A Window into Values

Among the important and unique roles parents have is imparting to their children the values that they think are both important and will stand their children in good stead. Its a unique window into the values you think are important - not in some abstract way, but in a very real and tangible way.

I have recently been thinking about this as a valuable way to think about Sovryn values. What would we want to impart to the children of Sovryn?

I would be extremely upset if my child was a bully. I would be extremely proud of a child who stood up for those who were picked on, different or isolated.

I would want to see my child be a curious, independent, even dangerous thinker - even at the cost of being an outcast.

I would hope I could teach my child to ignore status symbols and seek out social arbitrage opportunities.

If I had to choose between safety and courage - I hope I have the guts to let them go for courage.

What are some of the values and value dilemmas you have or imagine having with you little Sovryns?


First of all, I appreciate posts like this because they allow us to discover the essentials when we need them the most.

In addition to agreeing with your moral observations, I would like to add what I would like to see in my children and therefore in all good people.

I would like them to respect differences, and even seek out what is different.

I would like them to follow the truth as the only possible path, and confront lies with the same conviction.

I would like them to achieve freedom by defending the freedom of others.

I would like them to fight for what they believe in, and not try to impose it on anyone.

I would like them to know how to show gratitude, forgive, and ask for forgiveness.

I would like them to combat injustice and inequality.

I would like them to understand that the journey is more valuable than the destination.

Lastly, I would like them to always be who they want to be.


These are so good. Hope this thread fills with more of these.

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I really like this post, I want to write some of my own but I’m finding it difficult, I’ve only interacted with most of you in chats or through the community calls and I’m unsure on how much I should open myself up. I often share too much.

My life has not been an easy one, but, I have learnt from that much more than I would otherwise have.
I’ve learnt how to grow, become more than I ever thought I could without losing the essence I had when I was young. I wish to help my children do that as well.

I’ve learnt, by leaving everything behind and set off to a set of different countries to follow my artistic dreams, how to endure when others did not. I was never the best musician, illustrator or writer, but I lived of my art for a long time, put myself through college and got all my visas (which were not cheap), not because I was good at what I did, simply because I refuse to give up. I wanted to do it so badly that I would play sometimes 14hs a day, fingers bleeding and throat sored as hell. I will like to encourage them to find something, they want so bad, that they are willing to push harder than anyone else thinks they can.

When the pandemic hit and all my dreams vanished before my eyes as I could not go out and play anymore, I didn’t give up. I decided it was time, once again to completely re-invent myself and do what few people thought I could, enter the Bitcoin space. 3 years and now I’m here, collaborating with Rootstock ambassadors and having a chance to create some content for the Sovryn protocol, which I used to follow and never dreamt of being a part of it. I want to give my children the resilience required to find another way once the path you were on gets shut in your face. The courage to dare to do something completely different, even when no one else believes they can do it. I want them to understand that human potential is such that if you devote yourself to something, you can always improve and grow. That you are not what you do, but rather what you do is an expression of who you are.

On my first month in Australia, I didn’t have enough money to catch the train to go and play music by the central station. I was very upset, and I went walking to a smaller station instead. I didn’t know it then, but there and then I met the girl I am about to marry later this year. - I want my children to know that things don’t happen as you plan them, and that if you stay true to yourself and aim at the right things, life manifests to you, not what you want, but rather what you need. And though sometimes it feels as if the amount of patience required is impossible to muster, muster we will.

Since I’ve been involved in this space I’ve tried to bring along many friends, and had one disappointment after another of always been let down in the moment I needed them the most. I also want my children to know, that there are people you can’t help until they are ready to ask for help. But that no matter how much they hurt, we shouldn’t close the door to them, when they are ready for us, we will be ready to help them, and we won’t lose faith in them. Even when others push us to leave them behind.

I am so incredibly happy today, because I’ve learnt what it was to feel so much pain as to wish to not have been born at all. I need my children to know that those moments when everything seems lost are important too. And though I do not wish for them to feel that, it is part of life, and so, I want them to go through them with their head held high.

Much of what I have to teach them I learnt through mistakes and banging my head against the wall. I wish I could avoid them all this, and just give them the answer. But I think everyone eventually has to learn in the same way. As such I just want to teach them to be kind and empathetic, to others, but also to themselves. To act in a way that when looking back they can feel proud.

And a few lines of wisdom I collected that I always remind myslef:

-He who defines himself, limits himslef
-The wealthiest man is not he who has the most, but rather he who needs the least
-Don’t look into what a job pays you, look into what type of person you become by doing that job
-Not all that can be measured matters, and not all that matters can be measured

  • Happiness = Reality-Expectations

Sorry for the long text everyone… Stay Sovryn!