Contract address with one button solution


Recently, my friend got interested in Sovryn but he is new to cryptos. It was a bit difficult for him to set up the metamask wallet settings for rsk network and add new tokens. I was wondering if its possible to create a few buttons dedicated to a quick solution to these settings? One button that adds RSK network, which asks for confirmation, and voila! Also other buttons for FISH, MYNT and others.

This way, it will be less intimidating for new users when they have to interact with the Sovryn UI. It is a small fix but probably it will prevent many headache in the future :smiley:


There is a website called that you can use to easily add networks to metamask without entering the information manually.

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Good Idea. I will. Look at chain link.
Please note what I have said about FastBTC (how easy it makes onboarding).

I think because we’re still at an alpha stage, only those who are technically confident are joining. But it is such a great platform that it will be necessary sooner rather than later to introduce what you’re saying.

I have also suggested making it easier to invest and to engage with multiple chains. The progress is so rapid that I reckon we’ll see some of this within a year.

Sorry, typo. Chainlist