Improvement suggestions for Sovryn Dapp


I have been using the SOV Dapp for a few months. Though the DAPP is fantastic to use, I realized that there might be a room for improvement. I think these basic suggestions will aid in improving the below 2 aspects:

  1. Inclusion of Essential Information
  2. Improved experience of Dapp Interaction

I have categorized the suggestions based on the pages of Sovryn Dapp.

I have restricted the suggestions solely to spot trading and margin trading as those will be the most used pages of the Dapp.

List of Suggestions

1. Welcome Page

In the image above, we can include the SOV Price P.U. in (BTC and USD) under TVL (marked as 1) and total SOV Market cap in (BTC and USD) under 24 Hour Volume (marked as 2). This will instantly give a birds eye view about SOV token.

1a. Welcome Page - The part below Promotions

This part gives summary of different cryptocurrencies trading on Dapp, Lend & Borrow Assets, AMM Pools and TVL.
I am writing the suggestions for CRYPTOCURRENCY PRICES BY 24H CHANGE, which can be equally apply to other categories:

i. The SOV ticker must either be shown at the first or the second below RBTC. However, in no case it should be shown at fifth.

ii. No sorting filters are available in the heading of the table. Including the sorting capabilities can be really helpful to quickly sort the currencies.

iii. The currencies’ name can be directly hyperlinked to trading pair or clicking on a particular cryptocurrency can give a drop down list of available trading pairs.

iv. Prices of cryptocurrencies can be also given in RBTC alongside USD as all listed cryptos have at least one trading pair with RBTC. However, this will require to replace the current % change titles with “% changes in USD”.

2. Trade >> Spot Page

i. Upon refreshing the page, the current trading pair vanishes and the page reverts to default trading pair “SOV/RBTC”. This can be fixed.

3. Trade >> Margin Page

i. Same as point (i.) of Trade >> Spot Page.

ii. Clicking on the open positions does not change the corresponding chart and trading pair. Hyperlink can be put up there so that clicking on the trading pair directly results into changing the corresponding information on the page.

-----------------------------------------------The End------------------------------------------