Sovryn Wallet + Sovryn Mayhem

Competition Ended

Congratulate @gamma, @cliff.btc, and @savagehenry!

Sovryn Wallet

A month ago I presented mobile wallet app prototype for testing, today I’m doing it again but this time Sovryn Mayhem will reward you for your feedback :slight_smile:

How to participate

Install app to your iOS or Android device, switch to testnet network and request some testnet funds from RSK or Sovryn’s faucet.

Start using app features such as swapping, lending, depositing and withdrawing from market maker pools, creating and importing additional wallets and transferring funds between them.

Report your findings

If you noticed a bug or something that just doesn’t seem right (awkward interface, not clear where something is) report it as a comment in this very forum post with this structure:

# Device and OS version:
Pixel 5, Android Marshmallow / iPhone X, iOS 15.6

# Description of the issue:
Describe your findings - issue, suggestions, etc.

# Screenshots (if applicable):
Add screenshots if you have any.

Get Rewarded

  • We will be giving away 300 $SOV ($1000) for the best feedback about the Mobile Wallet app prototype.

  • Sovryn will pick 3 winners that will receive 100 $SOV each.

  • Rewards will undergo 10-month of linear vesting on delivery.

  • To be eligible for rewards you must submit your feedback before 10 PM (UTC) of March 13 (Sunday) as a comment to this forum post.


iOS: Testflight

Android: Play Store

Code: Github

These are public testing releases and not production ones!

Using testnet network

By default, Sovryn Wallet starts using mainnet networks but you can easily switch to testnet in the settings tab, choosing Networks page and toggling “Use testnet networks”. Now, depending on how you created your wallet you may need to make some additional steps:

You used the “Create Wallet” option and used the suggested recovery phrase or imported private key:

All good, you are ready for testing.

If you imported public address or ENS domain:

All good, you are ready for testing, just don’t forget that your wallet is read only and you will not be able to submit any transactions :slight_smile:

You used the “Import Wallet” option and used recovery phrase of Nifty Wallet:

Nifty Wallet generates different wallet addresses for each network, because of this you will need to change Sovryn Wallet account’s derivation path to testnet:

  1. Open Settings tab (inside Sovryn Wallet)

  2. Click “My Wallets”

  3. Find and click on the wallet you want to use

  4. Click “Derivation path”

  5. Select “m/44’/37310’/0’/0” as derivation path, after selecting you will notice that the account list below is updating

  6. Find the wallet address you had in your nifty wallet, select it

  7. Scroll down to the end of the page

  8. Click “Apply Changes”

  9. You should start seeing your testnet balances in a matter of seconds now!

You used the “Import Wallet” option and used recovery phrase of MetaMask Wallet:

Metamask Wallet generates wallet addresses using the ethereum derivation path (Sovryn wallet uses RSK mainnet derivation path), for this reason, you will need to follow instructions for Nifty Wallet you will find above, but choose “m/44’/60’/0’/0” derivation path in step 5. instead.

Privacy and Tracking

I think it’s pretty important to note, that testing releases have anonymous crash and click tracker enabled to make sure the app works as expected and could be improved if found otherwise.

The tracker will be removed from production releases, but it’s very important in it’s current state while features are tested.

What it tracks:

  • App crashes and why / how it crashed
  • Screens user opened (to see bad flows when user stucks somewhere)
  • Button clicks (not yet, but planned to be added in future testing releases)

What it does not track:

  • Any personal information
  • Any secrets (wallet address, private keys, seeds and etc)
  • Ad identifiers or similar ids
  • Anything you could be identified by
  • Anything that was not specified in “What it tracks”.

iPhone 12 / IOS 15.3.1


I chose the earn tab then the LEND option put on lending the trBTC and when I wanted to go back to keep choosing the app just freezed.

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Device Used: Android (Latest Version March 2022)
Description of the issues + Screenshots:

  1. “Confirm Recovery Phrase” The user should see the numbers 1234 etc etc…While they’re confirming the appropriate answers to their seed phrase. This will make the recovery process more esthetically pleasing to the user, and also fool proof. Consider confirming only numbers 1. 5. 12. like the Liquality Wallet.

  1. When a user clicks on the app to launch it. A unique animated logo should pop up before the user logs into the main screen of the app. This will provide the user with some sense of satisfaction that the app is loading/launching. Consider an image of the below spinning in animation.

  2. “Recieve SOV QR Code” The warning should state, only send Rootstock (RSK) SOV to this address. If you attempt to send eSOV or any other token to this address it will be lost. This will ensure the user does not make a mistake, by sending eSOV to an RSK SOV wallet address.

  1. “Wallet” On the main page. Only Smart Bitcoin & Sovryn are displayed with their respective balances. There should be a plus sign (:heavy_plus_sign:) on this home page, allowing the user to add or subtract different currency’s to the home screen list.

  1. “Settings” The current page setting should be changed to the word “Profile”. Please see the screenshot with yellow markings for an idea of what this page should look like. Here you can include the Sovryn Twitter page, website, help centre, settings and about, all in one convenient place.

This concludes my humble suggestions at this time.
Note Below you will find my personal RSK Network SOV address. I am on unpaid leave by choosing to stand on my principals by not taking the vaccine, during these challenging times I am accepting donations and rewards to this address. Thank you.

Personal RSK Sovryn Wallet Address:

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Hi guys,
In the Earn section there is no back button to get back to the landing mining screen.

Also I suggest to make appear a pop up when you take a screenshot of the Severn phrase to warn the user. :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Device: IPhone 12 IOS 15.3.1

Description: it would be nice that the area where the balance shows there’s a SOVRYN LOGO or at least be more colorful.

(And why don’t consider in to include the STAKING Tab.)

Thank you !!

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Device and OS version:

IPhone 8+, latest ios.

Description of the issue:

Swap Sov - RBtc
Approval screen ‘stuck’ with no action available.
On Swap - Approval screen.

Screenshots (if applicable):

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General Question:
Plan’s to put bridging functionality ? (Yes slightly more complicated)
Would be great to be able to use the bridge and fastBtc

Yes, bridges, fast-btc, margin trading, staking & voting is in to-do list.
Currently adding borrowing functionality


Hello Harmaus,

Here are my feedback.

  1. Regarding the colour of the wallet, please put the light view option that way users can also select that option.

  2. Noticed that the logo for Mynt is not the same as that of the website. Please change the logo.

  3. The Market Maker section can be renamed to Yield Farming, since on the website it is known as Yield Farming

  4. Instead of “Staked Balance” in the Automatic Market Maker Pools, which could confuse people into thinking that they are also staker’s, It could be “Liquidity Pool Balance”.

  5. The logo of the wallet also needs a brighter colour.

  6. There can also be a timer set before the wallet locks automatically, that way one is not forced to put a passcode within seconds of leaving of just leaving the wallet.

Device and OS version:

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018, Andriod 10

Description of the issue:

  1. I tried using the wallet with a 2bar WIFI connection. There was no problem after putting passcode, until when i clicked on the “Start Lending” button. Clicked it first time nothing happened and then a second time then the wallet closed. Tried 5times same process and same problem. Also tried the same process for “Deposit” button found in the “Automated Market Maker Pools” and same problem.

  2. Today i I tried sending some tbnb from metamask wallet to the sovryn wallet and experience an issue of address not being in lowcase but once i figured it out, the tbnb was in sovryn wallet. Another problem that realised was that there was no history of the transaction as seen in image below, like a confirmation of the tbnb successful in the wallet.

Another issue i faced is that i tried to swap the tbnb but realised that the wallet only has tbnbs and therefore cannot do anything with the tbnb currently in the wallet.

Another issue i faced is that i tried to send back the tbnb to the address it came from but the transaction was not successful with an error message saying “the sender does not exist”, understandably because instead of showing tbnb on the screen of the transfer, it was showing tRbtc as seen below.

Thank you very much for the wallet. This is all i have for the time being. I could add more as i keep exploring the wallet.

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It would be great if the network selection option is on the top right on home screen it took few minutes to understand it

Device android
Comments- I really like the interface. I appreciate the work being done to bring a mobile app to the market.
issues- Im having issues with swapping nothing happens, when I would try to click confirm or cancel screen is frozen.
I also wonder will users easily able to turn rbtc back to to onchain btc on this app like we can on desktop?

Swapping is working now. I like i can see confirmation status

Android, latest version

My findings:

  1. The UI looks great but needs a ‘day’ and ‘night’ mode to enhance the user experience.

  2. The different sections should be named in the same way as they are in the dapp. For instance liquidity mining and AMM.

  3. Although there’s many tokens to choose from regarding lending /farming/swapping, the main page only reflects a few. Adding an option to manually choose which assets to display would be nice.

  4. I deposited some xusd+rbtc to the AMM and after the approval the transaction failed ( see screenshot below).
    After a second approval the transaction went through.

  5. Immediately after I wanted to deposit some more into the AMM and had to do the approval again. In my experience approving a certain LP is only required once, and not for every small TX done afterwards.

  6. I played around with the slippage till about 9% to make some swaps and see what the impact would be. Only after the swap had I noticed that my slippage was at 99%.

My recommendation would be to add a warning when people enter a High slippage to prevent accidents like my 99% instead of 9%. (screenshot 2)

Anyways I really enjoy using the app. Can’t wait to see more features from the dapp like fastbtc and the bridge being inserted here. Keep it up!

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Device and OS version:

OnePlus 7T, Android 11, Oxygen OS

Description of the issue:

  1. Impossible to get the keyboard to enter PIN when i want to delete data. So impossible to delete data.

  2. Impossible to CREATE a second wallet. Only possible to import

  3. impossible to delete a wallet (just possible to delete all info)

Screenshots (if applicable):

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Device and OS version:

OnePlus 7T Pro, Android 10, Lineage OS 17.1-20210406

Description of the issue:

  1. Impossible to confirm recovery phrase

Screenshots (if applicable):

On new wallet creation, if seed phase has the same word twice, it is not possible to verify it on the next step.

When I select the first word, both are selected, and you cannot continue.

Hello guys this morning I can’t open the app. I tried many times but it just get stuck in the code screen. Also I tried to tap the access code but the screen is frozen. Hope this is gonna be helpful :smiley:

iPhone 13 Pro
Software version 15.3.1

I had the same issue with these specs:

iPhone 11, iOS 15.3.1

It looks like the problem is in the faceID thing, when it’s set to use it.
I tried not pointing to my face to bring the “face not found” dialog, then when trying again it works fine.
So it’s a thing on the first run only.


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Hi guys, here goes my 2 sats (just suggestions):

Device and OS version:

iPhone 11, iOS 15.3.1

Suggestion 1:

When copying the wallet address, would be nice to show a small popup indicating the address has been copied to the clipboard

Screenshot 1

Suggestion 2:

Would be nice to be able to swap between the different main menus swiping right or left, as shown in the screenshot

Screenshot 2:

Suggestion 3:

When in the Transaction History window you can’t update the data by swiping down, as that option will send you to the previous window, but as the “standard” way to refresh the data is swiping down, would be probably better to change the “swipe down to exit” from this menu and enable the swipe down for refreshing the data?

Aside of the above suggestions, I see an amazing job here, congrats!!!


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Device and OS version:

Galaxy S8 Active, Android Version 9

Description of the issue:

Describe your findings - issue, suggestions, etc.

when viewing any assets, close button won’t work. had to use back button on device.

When attempting to confirm a swap, need multiple taps to confirm.

XUSD Swap after 100+ taps,
SOV after 100+ taps,
ETHs, 66 taps,
BNBs 247,
lend xusd, approve 44, lend 44, don’t see SOV rewarsd on XUSD lending?
farm bnb/btc approve 25; deposit 74

Screenshots (if applicable):


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Huawei P20 Lite, Android 9

My testnet address is: 0x708b10d800550769bb600a85001641a0e1ba4543

So my testnet address shows funds, but nothing shows in the mobile app.

It’s been 4 days now.