Created mobile app for Sovryn Protocol

Was having problems with sovryn dapp like not being able to easily check my balances using mobile phone or not having my hardware wallet near me on bigger price movements.
This lead me on creating mobile app which I present to your for testing today :slight_smile:

iOS: Testflight
Android: Play Store (Open Testing)
Source code: Github (you can verify and compile code yourself)

Currently it’s not very rich on features, but you can:

  • Send your tokens out of your wallet (on sovryn dapp you needed to use third party app like myetherwallet)
  • Swap tokens
  • Check your vested assets and withdraw unlocked ones
  • Mainnet and testnet is supported
  • Can use read-only wallets by only providing public address or ENS domain
  • You can change wallet derivation path if wallet created from mnemonic (meaning you can use ethereum derivation path, in case your original seed was created with metamask)

Hope you will like it and maybe some of you will become contributors here too :slight_smile:

Edit: Added link to google play open testing (android version may be very unstable, use with caution!)


Nice initiative! I notice on the GitHub it says:

IOS and Android wallet for created with react-native.

Android version on F-Droid/Play Store soon? :eyes:

Android version on F-Droid/Play Store soon? :eyes:

There is some dependencies which crashes Android builds, but yes, once I will fix it we will have it :slight_smile:

It should be possible to have desktop app too


Thank you for this. Much appreciated!

Tested a little bit on IOS:

I set up a new wallet (nice flow btw) and sent 0.0005RBTC to it. Attempted to swap 0.00025rbtc to ~1.9 sov with the following error (same happens for every swap attempt):

Error: invalid hexlify value (argument="value", value = "250000000000000", code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, vars

Maybe there is a minimum swap amount enforced? Not sure.

Basic feedback:

  • Settings cog on swap section freezes the app, need to hard close app to fix
  • Suggest displaying ‘receive’ wallet address in all lowercase (copy and pasting results in incorrect checksum when attempting to send rbtc to SovrynWallet address)
  • Suggest a ‘MAX’ button on the swap section to auto-populate maximum funds
  • Descriptions of each token & links to contract addresses etc when clicked on in Wallet section

Appreciate this is early days

I’d love to see this go further, potentially there is room to work with the Sovryn Core Team on this, who knows.

Overall it’s AMAZING to see something like this, especially for it to just spring up from the community!


Oh and, to shill the wiki, a ‘Learn’ section that just links to :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for testing!

Looks like I broke something for swaps from RBTC token, will try to fix as soon as possible.

Which iPhone and iOS version you used? Would like to debug freezing with same one

I just gave it a go, and it’s pretty impressive for a first release, really well done! I’ll be looking forward to future updates, looks really promising so far.


Update: made fix for swaps not working with RBTC, added USD balances and total wallet balance in USD (actually it’s on XUSD) and added APK file for android testing (link is in the main post).

Use with caution, it’s only early prototype :slight_smile:


Great thing you’re doing there!

This is pretty dope. Great job! Would love to see this keep building out.

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This is super cool. Maybe we can find a way for Sovryn to support you on this further.


Great, I will install when be released on Google Playstore. Could you please send some screenshots of the wallet here? Thanks.

The three sections I can see on my test wallet. Maybe you could see more with a wallet with staked/vesting SOV too? :slight_smile:

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I see Vested SOV when I click on SOV token, it wasn’t there at first so not sure if it errored or I needed to wait in page longer. (Don’t mind balances, it’s testnet)


Hey, just letting you know that Google Play approved app for open testing. Updated links in the main post.

Android version may be very unstable, use with caution!


I’m pretty sure I keyed in the same password that I set. Regardless, there doesn’t seem to be a way to reset this. I tried reinstalling the app and I’m still stuck at this screen. I set Face ID as well but that biometric logo doesn’t do anything.

It should at least give me a chance to reset my passcode using my wallet phrase but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do so

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Oh, thanks for the catch. I will add a way to delete all data from the app from screens, after that you will be able to import wallets back