SOV Spot Price Chart - TradingView?

Is the SOV-rBTC or SOV-xUSD chart available on TradingView? I can’t find it.

I would think so since displayed on Sovryn Spot market - Sovryn

Only the Uniswap pair: ESOVWETH

Thank you! Does TradingView have an API that Spot page leverages to display a chart for all trading pairs in Sovryn system?

You should email them to add it :slight_smile:

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I thought about it, but what’s the rush? The listing is inevitable. Long term, a couple of weeks makes no difference. If we build it, they will come :slight_smile:

#SeeBeyondBorders #StaySovryn

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SOV is now on TradingView with pairs SOVBTC & SOVUSDT with listings on Kucoin & Ascendex :slight_smile: